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My home vibe is a lot different than my work vibe. At work, I have Akhenaten, the Magic 8 Ball, tea, Buddha and St. Jude. That’s it. At home, I have so much little meaningful clutter that I couldn’t list it all here. On my monitor alone, there is a post-it with an address for the son of a friend, my library card number, an origami star from Mike, Kokopelli, and a female fertility goddess candleholder. That’s just on my monitor.

Two fertility gods on my monitor at home, whereas at work I have a corpulent laughing man and a celibate saint. What is going on? It’s not like Kokopelli and the unnamed goddess would offend anyone. I guess the fertility gods are where they belong, at home, instead of where they don’t belong. It’s just so different to write at home. I forgot how often I ask my little Buddha for advice.

There is a little Buddha here, too. You forget. I got them in a six-pack. I have one at work, one on my desk, one under the wire tree my father made, one sitting on the window sill and two were given away for Christmas. The Buddha on my desk is sitting. His chubby legs can barely get around his fat tummy. He has a lot of advice for me.

“Quit analyzing things so much. Go to your meditation class. Practice your meditation during the week. Talk to those fertility gods. They know a lot of cool stuff, too. Exercise more, you’ve got a race coming up, silly girl. Light more candles and quit worrying about burning the house down.”

Of course, he says it all with the biggest smile on his face. He’s not nagging me. He just has something to say every time I turn to him for advice. If I didn’t have to look at him, he wouldn’t bother me with the advice.

Ok, I just rearranged everything at my desk. The fertility gods are off my monitor and residing just below the screen on the desk. Buddha came down from the top shelf and he sits between them, separating the feminine from the trickster. The carved stone that is supposed to hold incense, but has only been used for touching is near them. The origami star fills out the menagerie. Now, I have my army of advisors just like at work, even if they are a different troupe.


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