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I became self-employed at the end of October, right before the Halloween party. It took me over two months to get into a writing rhythm that works for me. It all started with the way I was eating:

I wrote about a way of eating that has helped me get off my plateau that I had been on for about two years. It involves eating more calories on the days that I exercise and eating less on the days that I don’t. I’ve been zig-zagging for a couple months now and it has really helped me stay away from bingeing and keep my eating healthy.

Last month, I thought, what if I zig-zagged with my writing?

To keep afloat, I need to write 35 entries a week. To start building up my two-week backlog, I have to write at least 50 units a week. I wondered if I could write every other day and be able to write more than I did when I was trying to write every day.

Writing every day would consist of writing 10 entries a day, which is a lot. Writing every other day, would consist of writing 15 units on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and fitting in 5 more units somewhere. Could I do it?

The answer was amazing to me. Not only could I easily write 15 units a day when I knew that if I did I would get the next day off, sometimes I’m able to do it by noon. They key to it all is the reward of having a day off. I was unable to do 10 units a day before, but suddenly, I am easily able to do 15 or more a day.

The essential thing for me is having a complete day off inbetween. After writing, I really need a rest and zig-zagging helps me with that. Of course, something inside of me thinks that if I can write 15 entries in a day, I should be able to write 15 units every day. I think I could do it for about three days in a row, but afterward, I would need to rest for two weeks.

I don’t know what my limits as a writer are yet, but I’m willing to see much I can do. For now, I’m zig-zagging.


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