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Awesome Crossing

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This video is truly the most accurate representation of Animal Crossing that I’ve ever seen.

Announcer: Awesome Crossing!

Hero: Ah… finally moved into town!
Nook: Well, hey there, buddy. Hows about a new house?
Hero: That’d be great!
Nook: Well, it will only put you in debt to me for the next 700 years. Okay, here’s your house, see ya.
Hero: But I don’t have any money.
Elephant: I’ll give you money if you agree to perform 63 tasks that require you to run around in circles for 7 hours.
Hero: But…
Elephant: I hate you! You never visit me!
Hero: What’s going on?! And why do I love it so much?!

Announcer: There really is no ending because this game never ends!


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