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Twitter Log: 2008-01-14

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  • @msjen Hope you get it. I know how much you’ve missed your old one. #
  • @marinamartin Surreal? Why? Because the words pesto and pasta are so similiar? #
  • @msjen Yeah! I’m so happy for you!!0 #
  • Made it home to SLC. Time for bed. #
  • @thumbsofsteel You would rather be in bed all day? Even if you had to be sick? #
  • @jasonalba What is it? #
  • @jasonalba They’re already doing that, but the people they hire don’t speak English well enough. #
  • Haven’t said a word all morning. Hoping it will save my voice. #
  • @missrogue Don’t know why you’re sad, but I’m sending all the good karma I have left your way. #

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