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The 2014 Halloween Party Was Epic!

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We had an INCREDIBLE time this year for Halloween! It was so great! The theme this year was The Twenties in honor of our TWENTIETH year of doing this! Here are some photos:

Halloween Contest Winners 2014

The Winners from left to right:

Beast of Show: Derek as the Headless Horseman

Sexiest Costume: Jackie as a Grecian Goddess

Funniest Costume: Jen as Charlie Chaplin

Scariest Costume: Mal as The Big Bad Wolf

Best Potluck Dish: Penny’s Pretzel Monsters and Aliens

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The Moncur Halloween Party 2013

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We had such a good Halloween Party this year that it took me until JANUARY to get these photos edited. LOL! This year’s theme was food and people thought of the most inventive ideas! Enjoy!

Laura and Michael Moncur as Peanut Butter and Jelly

Laura and Michael Moncur as Peanut Butter and Jelly

You can see everything after the break: (Continue Reading…)


A Halloween Party from 1973

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I love this video of a Halloween party in 1973. All the kids are dressed up in the kind of costumes that used to be around when I was a kid. Vinyl and ill-fitting jumpsuits and plastic masks.

Since my family was Jehovah Witness when I was that age, I never got to wear a Halloween costume like that. Even now, I look at them and wish that I could somehow wear one of those costumes. Not only do they not exist now, but if they did, they would be too small for my adult frame. I’m forever trapped in the state of desire with no hope for release.

Via: Plaid Stallions : Rambling and Reflections on ’70s pop culture: Halloween: 1973.


Moncur Halloween Party 2012

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The party was a BLAST!

Halloween 2012 Costume Winners

Moncur Halloween Party 2012 Winners:

  • Funniest Costume: Jen Savage as The Swedish Chef
  • Sexiest Costume: Dawni Christensen as Elizabeth Taylor
  • Beast of Show: Stacey Vest as Effie Trinket
  • Best Potluck: Chelsea Jelsma for her Cream Cheese Jalapeño Bacon Wraps
  • Scariest Costume: Laura Moncur as the Melting Nazi from Raiders of the Lost Ark

You can see the rest of the photos after the break: (Continue Reading…)


Halloween Party 2011

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Here is a slideshow of the photos from this year’s Halloween Party.

The theme this year was Scary Monsters, Super Creeps and it was AWESOME!

Here are the winners for Scariest, Funniest, Sexiest, Beast of Show and Best Potluck:

Scariest, Funniest, Sexiest, Beast of Show and Best Potluck 2011 by LauraMoncur from Flickr


A Halloween Party from Diamond Rings

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I love Diamond Rings because his videos totally remind me of the Eighties (totally!), but this video holds a special place in my heart because he portrays Halloween.

The costumes are a lot of fun to spot in this video, especially the haunting visage of Hunter Thompson at the 4:12 mark. The lyrics to Wait and See don’t have anything to do with Halloween, but I love the song anyway just because of the video.

Special Affections by Diamond Rings at Amazon.comI really recommend Special Affections, the album Wait and See is on. It reminds me of an early album by New Order. You can buy it here:


Halloween Party 2009

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Steampunk Stacey by LauraMoncur from FlickrThe Halloween Party was a blast! Everyone did such a good job on their costumes. Mike and I were totally blown away. This year’s theme was steampunk and more people followed the theme than ever before! Stacey did an excellent job and this photo of her was the best!

I’m always panicked before the Halloween party, worried that no one will show up. Every guest that arrives makes me happier and happier until I get to a strangely giddy state of intoxication that has NOTHING to do with alcohol. It was a great party this year and I’m so glad we were all able to enjoy it together.

Here are the winners:

Funniest Costume: Jason Alderman as War of the Worlds Alien

Jason Alderman as War of the Worlds Alien by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Scariest Costume: Charlie as a vampire

Vampire Chelsea and Charlie by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Sexiest Costume: Lisa as a steampunk show girl

Steampunk Jake and Lisa by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Best Potluck: Stacey and Dan’s Pumpkin Sloppy Joes (they also made four different kinds of homemade ice cream, but nothing beats sloppy joes in a pumpkin!)

Pumpkin Sloppy Joes by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Beast of Show: Jennifer and Clint for the best steampunk couple

Steampunk Jennifer and Clint by LauraMoncur from Flickr

You can see all the Halloween Party photos here:


Halloween Party 2008

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The Halloween party this year was a little quieter, but a lot more enjoyable. For the complete photo collection, go here:

I dressed up at Lt. Uhura from the original Star Trek:

Halloween 2008 by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Mike dressed up as a science officer (not a Vulcan) from the original Star Trek:

Halloween 2008 by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Mom and Reed skipped dressing up this year:

Halloween 2008 by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Stacey and Dan dressed up as Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin. Stacey won for Scariest Costume.

Halloween 2008 by LauraMoncur from Flickr

The Meatloaf Cake made by Stacey and Dan won for Best Potluck. The frosting was made of mashed potatoes. I’ve been eating it all week in leftovers, so frankly, I’m a little sick of it, but it tasted SO good!

Halloween 2008 by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Anne and Mike came as cowboys and Anne won for Sexiest Costume.

Halloween 2008 by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Lisa also came as Sarah Palin and won for Funniest Costume. Stuart came as Mr. Palin this year.

Halloween 2008 by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Si came as Pancho Villa and won for Beast of Show. Nicole came as a cat.

Halloween 2008 by LauraMoncur from Flickr

It was a great party with lots more costumes. You can see the rest of the photos here:


Food To Bring To The Halloween Party

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Here is a roundup of food ideas from Craftzine last year:

Last year, I made Monster Cupcakes based on the Craftzine article:

I actually liked how mine turned out better. I used fruit leather to cut out the tongues (instead of taffy) and I used a pastry bag and tip to apply the frosting so it looked like fur. I had many Elmos, Oscars and Grovers for everyone to eat.

Note to self: Do not stay up until 2am the night before making four dozen cupcakes. People only ate one dozen (despite the fact that over 50 people showed up). There was so much food to compete with my cupcakes that not everyone got to try one.


The Halloween Party Was AWESOME!

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Laura Moncur as Mrs. Incredible

I just finished counting the people who came to the party and we had over fifty people! That’s WAY too much for my 800 square foot house, but it all worked out. It was like we had two parties. After we voted on the costumes and gave away the prizes, a lot of people left just in time for the second wave of people who came.

Seems kind of silly that I worry about no one attending every year and every year I have more people than can fit in the house.

I haven’t labeled all the photos yet, so I have my work cut out for me. Of course, I need to clean up the party mess first.

Thanks to everyone who attended! It was awesome and I am so excited for next year!


Still No Halloween Party Update

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I haven’t even looked through the Halloween photos from the party. Okay, that’s a lie. The night of the party, we transferred the pictures to the computer and I glanced through the thumbnails, but that’s all I’ve done. I don’t know why I’m so uninspired to get it in order yet…

Oh well. I just thought I’d drop a note to tell you that there is nothing to see here yet.


Halloween Party 2005

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Vampire Laura 2005

My inner lower lip is raw and tender from being bitten accidentally all night by the vampire fangs. I don’t know how those Goth kids do it every weekend. Do they learn to talk with those fangs in their mouths? My S’s and Th’s were slurred all night and I didn’t drink a drop… of alcohol, that is…

The Halloween Party this year was a blast! Every year I’m blown away by the meticulous care that everyone puts into their costumes and potluck dishes. For some reason, the test tube shots looked more spectacular this year than all the years before. I think it was the Midori, Aftershock and Blue Curaco that really made them look experimental.

I always have anxiety that no one will come to my party. This year, 7pm rolled around and no one had arrived. I told myself that everyone likes to be fashionably late. At 7:20 pm, my mom showed up. I kept telling myself that if it was just my mom, Reed, Stacey, Dan, Mike and me, that it would be a fun party, but I was scared.

This year, my saviors were Chip and Julieanne. They showed up at 7:35 pm and suddenly, I had a party. I was so grateful when they arrived. Late may be fashionable, but on time is a blessing. The first arrival to my party is held dear to my heart always.

Halloween Music Mix 2005:


Halloween Party Update

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Laura Attacked The Halloween Party was a blast! Everything was so spectacular! My costume worked well, as you can see. All the costumes were imaginative and interesting. The people were fun and talkative. The movies were enjoyed. The food was tasty and a good time was had by all. A big and public thank you to Stacey, Dan and Mike for making this year the best party ever. How will we ever top it next year?


Halloween Party!

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Today is my Halloween Party. We think about this party all year long. I got the dress for my costume during the summer this year. It took me months to think how to use a green 1960’s dress to make a really cool costume, but at the end of September, I was browsing the movies and saw a review for The Birds.

Laura SmilingThe lead actress is wearing a green dress almost exactly like mine, so I’m going to be Tippi Hedren. I have the dress, the false eyelashes and most importantly, the birds. You’ll just have to see the post party pictures to understand the greatness of this costume. The only thing I’m worried about is the blonde wig. It’s the perfect color. It looks just like Tippi Hedren’s hair, but I am just a horrible blonde.

How does Gwen Stefani pull it off? She is just as dark as I am, but she looks absolutely fabulous as a platinum blonde and I look washed out. I need to get her stylist on the phone. Of course, Mike says that the problem is that I only spent $35 on the wig. If I spent twice that on a dye job, I would probably look better.

When I called Alina, my hair dresser, about dyeing my hair, she said, “Oh no, sweetie, don’t do that.” I love it when my hair dresser has distinct opinions about what I should and shouldn’t do with my hair. She’s got my back. She won’t let me do something phenomenally stupid like dye my hair platinum blonde for a Halloween costume. After seeing myself in the wig, I’m so glad I didn’t dye my hair.

I’ve been so sick that getting ready for this party has been very difficult. Stacey and Dan have helped me, so I feel so much better about that. If I wasn’t so excited about the party, I would have canceled it. I’m so glad that I didn’t because I’m finally feeling better and I think I’ll be able to completely enjoy the party.


Halloween 2007 Party Photos

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iPhone Showoffs from Flickr

You know you’re at a geek party when there are so many iPhones in the room. Not only that, we were all stoked about taking our pictures together with the phones. There were even MORE people with iPhones in the room, but we were too lazy to gather the rest of them.

It was an AWESOME Halloween party this year. You can see all the photos here:

I am in that strange lull where I don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween next year. It feels weird to be so undecided a mere 300 or so days before the holiday. What am I to do?!


Welcome To Halloween

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As always, this is my favorite time of the year. I save all my haunted and costume related costumes all year long for this very month!

Halloween Background for Facebook Halloween Party

I know I have done it TWICE in the last twenty years, but I’m going as Uhura from the original Star Trek series for Halloween this year. I just need to find one of these things…

Uhura Communicator Earpiece

The last two times I dressed up as Uhura, I couldn’t find one and felt like my costume was seriously lacking because of it. How can I be as awesome as Uhura without her little earpiece communicator?!

Eardevice Uhura Balance of Terror

I’m still looking and I hope to find something or make something before the BIG day!!

Whatever your Halloween plans are, I hope they are delightful!!


Lawnmower Man Costume for Your “I Love the 1990s” Costume Party

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I love the look of this mask for a Halloween costume from kongorilla. A black turtleneck and jeans with this mask printed up on black cardstock would be perfect.

Low Poly Mask for Halloween

In fact, they have made a version with that black cardstock and some glow-in-the-dark tape.

Lawnmower Man Mask Costume

So cool!

Via DIY low-poly mask, now with glowing edges! – Boing Boing


Chuck Lorre Loves Halloween

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So many sitcoms forget about Halloween, but not Big Bang Theory. Ever since the beginning, they have enjoyed the holiday. I really believe that Chuck Lorre must love Halloween. Here is Sheldon playing a Halloween prank on Leonard.

And the guys play a Halloween prank on Sheldon.

Last year’s Halloween Party, however, was the best.

I remember the first sitcom that I ever remember really going all out for Halloween and it was Roseanne. Considering that Chuck Lorre was a writer for Roseanne, it’s not surprising to me. Here is a playlist of the best of Roseanne’s Halloween episodes.

Thanks, Chuck, for years of delightful Halloween episodes for those of us who enjoy the holiday far more than Christmas!


Cool Halloween Makeup

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I love to see how much of a costume can be made or broken by makeup.

Roy Lichtenstein Costume

All of these makeup jobs are AMAZING, but I wonder how long they would last.

Cool Halloween Makeup from Pick Me!

Remember, when you go to a Halloween party, the makeup needs to last all night, through Red Solo cups and lots of yummy food.

Cool Halloween Makeup from Pick Me!

Past the hugs from friends and the unintentional touches from your own hands and fingers.

Cool Halloween Makeup from Pick Me!

You even have to worry about your costume rubbing it off.

Cool Halloween Makeup from Pick Me!

I ALWAYS do a test run with my costume AND makeup to make sure that they will last the whole party.

Cool Halloween Makeup from Pick Me!

Remember, with all of these photos, you just need to click them to go to the original websites where they came from.

Cool Halloween Makeup from Pick Me!

Happy Haunting!


Halloween Dishes: The Guacamole Puking Pumpkin

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When I saw this picture on Pinterest, I thought it was such a clever idea. It’s a pumpkin puking guacamole. It has the makings of a Halloween potluck winner: gross, yummy and Halloweeny.

Guacamole Puking Pumpkin from Pick Me!

I thought it was a unique idea until I found SO many of them. (Continue Reading…)


Halloween Podcasts from Retrospace

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Retrospace 22Here are a couple of links to Halloween Podcasts that has some things that you normally wouldn’t hear.

Here is the list of music and clips from Retrospace Podcast #22:

  • “Night Gallery” theme (7 seconds only)
  • Halloween III TV promo
  • “Cthu Thlu” – Caravan
  • “Visiting Hours” movie Radio Spot
  • “Horror Movie” – Skyhook (1975) – (portion of song only)
  • Woolworth Halloween radio commercial (1978)
  • “Kolchak – The Night Stalker” TV theme
  • “Halloween” soundtrack clip (1978)
  • “Werewolf” – Gary Warren
  • “H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N Spells Halloween”
  • Bobby “Boris” Pickett WCOP Boston radio spot
  • “The Munsters” TV theme
  • Clip from “Young Frankenstein”
  • “Docteur Jekyll Et Monsieur Hyde” – Serge Gainsbourg
  • Clip from “Scary Spooky Stories” LP 1973
  • “Rosemary’s Baby” theme as sung by Mia Farrow
  • “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” clip

Here is the list from Retrospace Mix Tape #16:

  • Jacula – Soul Satan 1979
  • The Duponts – Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula Hall) 1958
  • Movie Promo The Haunted Strangler
  • Bo Diddley – Bo Meets The Monster
  • Billy Demarco & Count Dracula -Drac’s Back 1962
  • Revels – Midnight Stroll 1959
  • Virgil Holmes – Ghost Train 1961
  • Buchanan & Goodman – Frankenstein Of ’59
  • The Verdicts – The Mummy’s Ball 1961
  • Hollywood Flames – Frankenstein’s Den
  • The Nu-Trends – Spooksville 1963
  • Milton DeLugg & The All-Stars – The Munster’s Theme 1964
  • Thomas Newman – To The Shock Of Miss Louise 1987
  • John Zacherle – Coolest Little Monster 1960
  • Five Man Electrical Band – Werewolf
  • Bill Doggett – Monster Party 1959
  • Johnny Fuller – Haunted House
  • The Jayhawks – The Creature (From Outer Space) 1957
  • The Kac-Ties – Mr Were-Wolf 1962
  • Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Feast Of The Mau Mau
  • Allan Sherman – My Son, the Vampire 1964
  • Bobby Please And The Pleasers – The Monster 1959
  • Redbone – The Witch Queen Of New Orleans
  • The Fiends – Theme from The Addams Family 1964
  • Johnny Otis Show With Marci Lee – Castin’ My Spell
  • Billy Lee Riley – Nightmare Mash 1963
  • Sonny Richard’s Panics With Cindy And Misty – The Voo Doo Walk 1962
  • Swingin’ Phillies – Frankenstein’s party 1958
  • The Monotones – Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1958
  • Howlin’ Wolf – I Ain’t Superstitious
  • Jackie Morningstar – Rockin’ In The Graveyard 1959
  • Buchanan & Goodman – Frankenstein Returns (Part II)
  • Morgue And The Ghouls – Morgus The Magnificent
  • Orvin Yoes – The Vampire 1960
  • Combustible Edison – Bewitched 1995
  • Combustible Edison – Coven of Witches 1995
  • Trax – Watch Out For The Boogie Man 1977
  • Nosferatu – Willie The Fox 1970
  • The Vamps – Disco Blood 1977
  • Saxon – Princess Of The Night 1981
  • Jack Malmsten – Satan Takes a Holiday

Enjoy this campy Halloween fun!


Kitten Tasting Party

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I love this photos of pumpkins at the kitten tasting party.

Kitten Tasting

I know if we had a pumpkin big enough, I’d catch Elvis doing the same thing!

Via: Meanwhile, at Bob and Helen’s Annual Halloween Kitten-Tasting Party… — Cute Overload


Elvis and the Halloween Bat

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When Mike and I were putting up the decorations for the Halloween party, Elvis became obsessed with the Flying Bat:

In the end, we had to hide the bat in the pantry until the night of the party because Elvis spent all his time meowing at it.


Blood Drip Halloween Martini

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Every year, I lose the judging for Best Potluck at the Halloween party to Stacey and Dan. So all year long, I’ve been collecting cool ideas for the food at the Halloween party this year. Starting with this:

Blood Drip Halloween Martini Glasses

The “blood rim” is made from the same kind of mixture as you’d use to make hard candy. It’s actually pretty easy, but you will need a candy thermometer (which you can find at most grocery stores).

Ingredients: 1 c. Sugar 1/2 c. Karo Syrup 1/2 c. Water Red Food Coloring Cinnamon (optional)

Directions: Combine sugar, syrup and water. Cook without stirring to hard crack stage – which is 300 degrees F. Add food coloring. (Optional: Cinnamon may be added for flavor.)

Turn off heat. While the mixture is still hot, dunk the top of the cocktail glass into the mixture to create the red rim. If you need to do several glasses, keep the mixture hot so it lasts longer (instead of turning heat off, just reduce slightly).You can go anywhere from just along the very tip of the rim to part way down the glass – whichever you prefer. Flip the glass right side up to cool. The thick consistency of the mixture will cause “drips” as it hardens on the glass!

My question is, if I use the plastic martini glasses, will they melt?

Via: Craftzine.com blog: HOW TO – Halloween Vampire Martini


Halloween Cupcakes from Bakerella

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I got an email from Newspapergrl a couple of weeks ago:

I don’t even like to bake but I’m in love with this blog today.
I thought of you when I saw her Halloween cupcakes.

She linked to Bakerella and the cutest Halloween cupcakes EVAR!

Halloween Cupcakes from Bakerella

I still haven’t decided what I’m going to bring to the Halloween party for my potluck dish. I have never even gotten a vote for my Halloween dishes, which makes me want to just bring something boring like the chili I brought last year. I thought for sure people would have voted for my monster cupcakes last year, but sadly, the giant Hostess Cupcake won instead.


Halloween is coming…

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I’m excited for Halloween this year. I love to have a good party EVERY year, and every year, I get excited at about this time. All those temporary Halloween stores have sprouted in the dying strip malls of the city and I want to visit every one of them. All my Halloween decorations need to come out of storage and be filled with batteries to make them screech and howl at inappropriate times.

AA batteries! I need to buy a huge supply of AA batteries!

Yes, Halloween is coming and I usually start the Halloween posts here on October first, but I’m tempted to start early this year.

I already did, I guess…


Pre-Party Jitters

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I was up until 2 am last night making monster cupcakes for the Halloween party. It’s only 2 pm and I’m worried that no one will show up.

Every year I worry and every year we are so packed that there’s no room to move. I don’t know why I worry. Even if only Stacey and Dan show up, it would be a rockin’ party.

I wish I could turn off the worry gene.


An Apartment Halloween

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Last year was Josh Leo’s first Halloween in an apartment. He grieved over losing the advantages of living in a house during Halloween.

Click here to see the video

I remember what it felt like to have Halloween in an apartment. I think that’s why we started the Halloween party. Fewer kids come out trick or treating every year, so I am so grateful that we have the party now.


My Animal Crossing Halloween Costume

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My Animal Crossing Halloween Costume

Ironically, I didn’t really dress up today, but my Animal Crossing girl did. I think the Halloween Party wore me out this year. I’m still recovering.


Halloween B.J. (Before Jehovah)

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Halloween 1967

This is a picture of my mom and dad before I existed in 1967. My mom was invited to a “beatnik” party, where everyone was supposed to dress up as beatniks. I asked my mom what a beatnik was when I was a little. She said that beatniks were hippies before hippies were hippies. That made sense to me except I really didn’t know what hippies were. She said beatniks were like The Monkeys. I used to watch The Monkeys on television, so I imagined this party to be filled with fun-loving funny guys. Some of them even might have had English accents like Davy Jones. I used to look at this picture and wish I could have been there.

My dad had told my mom that he wasn’t going to go to the party. Instead, he showed up in full wolfman regalia. She looks so angry here because she didn’t realize it was him. This crazy wolfman showed up at the party and was groping her while people were taking pictures. Who could blame her for looking so bugged? No one recognized him at the party.

Halloween 1970 This picture is from Halloween 1970. My parents were married and I was already born by then. The dress that my mom is wearing ended up being a “dress up” dress that she would let me try on. Stacey and I played with that dress until it was nothing more than rags, we loved it so much. Here again, my dad is the wolfman.

As a child, I used to look at these pictures. These were pictures of the days before they became Jehovah Witnesses and Halloween was off limits. They had dressed up and gone to parties. How I wished I could be a normal kid who could dress up and go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. If I wasn’t Jehovah Witness, I could participate in the Halloween Parade at school. I could barely understand why my parents could dress up back then, but I wasn’t allowed to dress up. I couldn’t grasp the concept that these photos were from a time when they weren’t Jehovah Witness.

Later, there was a divorce and the divorce decree stated that at age twelve, Stacey and I could decide which religion we wanted to follow. On my twelfth birthday, I chose “The World” and never set foot into a JW Kingdom Hall again. Of all the holidays that had been denied me, Halloween was the one that I wanted the most. Now, I celebrate the holiday enough to make up for those lost years. It’s my favorite of them all.


Vintage Halloween on Flickr

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I love vintage Halloween items. My Halloween invitations and all the party favors use Halloween images from The Woodriver Gallery. They are the best for me to enjoy. Imagine my surprise when I found this group of photos from people who have uploaded very similar images from other sources.

If you are throwing a Halloween party this year, try using one vintage image as your Halloween theme for the year. Put that image on your invitation, the party favors and the signs directing people to the party. It will add a classic feel to the party and the recurring image will tell people that they’ve come to the right place.


My Halloween Slideshow on Flickr

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Waiting 2005
Originally uploaded by laurasmoncur.

Every year, I take pictures at my Halloween parties and I’ve been saving those pictures for years now. I show them all on a slideshow on my computer during the Halloween party. For the first time, you can see what the people at my party see every year.

My favorite Halloween picture so far is this photo that Mike took last year. It feels exactly like what I feel like right before my party. A little shaky and really orange…


Found: A Tres Hombres Halloween

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Click to see full size picture.I found this picture on New Year’s Day outside of Tres Hombres restaurant on Highland and 33rd. My first instinct was to pick it up and keep it. Mike didn’t think that was a good idea.

“Don’t take that. Whoever dropped it might come back looking for it.”

I looked at my find, turning it over in my hand. I suddenly felt guilty.

“Fine, I’ll put it back, but if it’s still there when we get out of the restaurant, I’m taking it.”

Mike imitated my voice,

“They better find it or it’s going on the Internet!”

I nodded. It sure is.

This picture is strange to me because it’s obviously a home party. They are drinking out of two different kinds of disposable cups. There are chips in a bowl. There is an ashtray in the forefront, so it can’t be a restaurant in Utah. Smoking’s not allowed.

Yet, the decoration of the area makes me think it’s a restaurant. There are tiki torches, bamboo all along the back wall and a parrot hanging upside down from a perch. Where are these guys?

Is this a Halloween Party? The “first hombre” on the left is wearing a head scarf, a big gold earring and a cape. He seems to be the only one dressed up, but a Halloween Party might explain the decor. Plus, some of the disposable cups are black. It’s really hard to find black cups unless it’s Halloween or you go to extra trouble of going to a party store.

Most importantly, there are no women in this picture. When I was in high school, this is the kind of party I would find myself at, pretending to drink, so they wouldn’t spike my Diet Coke. A party with all guys sitting around a table talking too loudly. I was at so many of those parties during my teen years that I couldn’t even count them.

When I look at the full size picture, I can see many more details: I just realized that it’s not potato chips in the bowl. They’re lemon wedges. I see one lemon peel sitting on the table; the meat has been eaten out of the wedge. There is a case of Coca-Cola on the far left of the picture.

It’s definitely a Halloween Party. One of the smaller disposable cups has pumpkins on it. Man, I feel sorry for the pirate on the left. He’s the only dude that dressed up. I hope there was a prize. Nope, I’m wrong. He’s not the only one dressed up. The arm in the forefront snubbing out a cigarette is dressed up as a prisoner with a striped shirt.

Based on the condition of the photo, it has been sitting outside for a while. It’s not like someone dropped it on the way out of the restaurant just before we came along. The picture is faded, warped and dirty. How strange that I would find a Halloween picture. All things Halloween are drawn to me. I take them under my wing and give them a place to breathe.


Someone Who Likes Halloween More Than Me

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Whenever I feel like I go a little overboard, all I need to do is go on the Internet. There is always someone out there who is more obsessed than I am. Check out Britta:

This Saturday, she is doing a live webcast of her Halloween Party. When I look at the pictures of her Halloweens gone by, I just love the inventiveness of the costumes. They all look so creative and fun.


The Full Halloween Story

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When I said Halloween was fabulous this year, I don’t think I fully was able to describe the true fabulousness of all the costumes. Here are the pictures from this year’s party!

Thank you to everyone who came to the party and spent so much time making the party wonderful!

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Paranormal and Alien Pretzels

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I absolutely adore these Paranormal Pretzels from FamilyFun Magazine

Paranormal Pretzels from Family Fun Magazine

These Alien Pretzels from Butter with a Side of Bread look awesome, too:

Alien Pretzels from Butter with a Side of Bread

I am not bringing these to the Halloween party, but I REALLY want to eat them. Will one of you guys bring them to the party?! I promise to vote for you for the Best Potluck Dish.


Glow in the Dark Ghost Nails

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I love this manicure from honeymunchkin.

Ghoulish Glow China Glaze manicure in the dark

Using China Glaze’s Ghoulish Glow, glow-in-the-dark nail polish, she created some ghosts who will shine all night at the Halloween Party.

Sometimes, all it takes is a really good manicure to top off a boring Halloween costume.

Happy Haunting!


When Costumes Are Racist

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Last year the Ohio University STARS launched a campaign called, “We’re A Culture, Not A Costume.” Here are the posters they created.

Culture Not Costume KahlidCulture Not Costume Kai Lee

Culture Not Costume RanatoCulture Not Costume Seth

Culture Not Costume TaylorI love Halloween, so when I think of many of the costumes that I’ve worn, I wonder if I had been a racist with any of them. Where is the line drawn? There are those who have wondered why a white guy with a photo of a cowboy wasn’t included. Why is the cowboy costume not offensive?

I think the difference is when you dress up as a person of another nationality or culture it can be perceived as ridicule. Even if you never meant it that way, it can feel like the costume has boiled an entire culture down to a stereotype. So a geisha costume reminds an Asian girl of every time a guy expected her to be subservient just because of her appearance.

When is it alright to dress up as another nationality? Is it ever?

Personally, I think the line is not with intent. There are few people out there who set out to offend or harm anyone. None of us intend to hurt people’s feelings, so saying that you didn’t mean to offend someone with your costume is not enough.

I think you are safer with a costume depicting a specific person, such as Sayuris, the heroine of Memoirs of a Geisha, rather than just a normal geisha girl. Of course, it would take conversation and explanation to get this idea across and those are hard pressed in a noisy Halloween party. In the end, you may still offend someone.

Stacey Halloween 2003 by LauraMoncur from FlickrIn fact, MANY of our costumes from the past could be offensive to people. The year Stacey came as an old lady with a walker and offered linty candy and used tissues to people could be called ageist. Dressing up as a hippie, a tourist or a goth could be offensive. The costume staples of princess, cheerleader and kitty cat could be considered sexist. It seems that there are very few costumes that could NOT be construed as an insult.

So, how do you dress up without hurting someone’s feelings? Here are a few tips:

  • When in doubt, throw it out: If you are worried that someone might look at your costume and think that you’re a racist, then DON’T wear it. That inkling of intuition is there for a reason. Find another costume.

  • Choose fiction over reality: If you dress up as Mr. Spock, Harry Potter or Shrek, no one can accuse you of offending them, even if they are a highly logical geek, fantasy nerd or Scottish bore.

  • Choose historical figures over anonymous people: Dressing up as Martin Luther King Jr. is VERY different than dressing up as a random black man.

  • If you have to do elaborate makeup to change your appearance, you might be toeing the line: Covering your entire face with makeup to make your skin a different color, altering the shape of your eyes and even wearing a wig might be enough to offend someone. The more you need to change your appearance, the more likely your costume may be perceived as offensive.

Halloween is supposed to be FUN and thinking about whether your costume will offend someone can take some of the fun out of the preparations, but making a costume that hurts the feelings of a friend can suck the fun out of any evening. Take the time to be sensitive about your costume choice and you’ll ensure an evening of fun for EVERYONE.

Of course, sometimes Halloween just needs to be for fun:

Hermione is a culture not a costume?


Alfred Hitchcock on the River

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Alfred Hitchcock was the all-time best suspense creator!

Hitchcock on the River

Years ago, I went as Tippi Heddren in The Birds.

Laura 2004 from Flickr

I developed that costume myself. I found the dress at a thrift store and made the head dress out of an angel’s halo with the fluff removed and craft store birds on strings. You can actually BUY a costume like it now: When Birds Attack Costume at Amazon.com

When Birds Attack Costume at Amazon.com

I wouldn’t recommend that costume, however. The Halloween party was a never ending barrage of “What are you supposed to be?”

I had never seen the movie, so I rented it so I could analyze her dress and hair. The creepiest scene however didn’t have Tippi Heddren in it. It’s here:

Those broken tea cups hanging in the kitchen caught my eye and filled me with dread. This Halloween, grab some movies by Hitchcock and enjoy the tense suspense!

Hitchcock photo via: YIMMY’S YAYO™


Ghost Radar iPhone App

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I talked about Ghost Radar on the Gadgets Page earlier in the year:

It is such a fun app, that I’m going to have it running in the background in the kitchen during my Halloween Party. Here is a quick video showing it:

You can download the app here:

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