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Get Out Of Dodge

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After the sewer fiasco, we decided to go to Wendover. It is the place that the locals go to run away. Slimy and small, Wendover, Nevada is a two-hour drive from Salt Lake. They have a few casinos and hotels for reasonable prices. It’s a gambling town. Its sole attraction is gambling, which is outlawed in Utah. We don’t even have a lottery. We have to drive to Idaho for the lottery and Wyoming for the beer. There’s plenty of Jesus here, though, just in case you were worried that we didn’t have anything to turn to.

Being a mathematician, I’m inherently not a gambler. Every time I put a dollar in a machine, I can calculate the return on my investment. I’m always so surprised when the casinos announce their payback rate and it’s something like 95% or 97.3%. That’s like telling me that I’m losing 5% every time I play. Why the hell should I play? Plus, I’ve doctored enough numbers myself to know that those machines don’t payback 95% all the time. The only way I can win is if I don’t play.

I’d much rather pump my quarters into that Dance Dance Revolution game, anyway. That’s the machine I’m hoping the casino has. I love that game. I could play it all night and not feel like I got ripped off. It cheers for me when I do well. It boos at me when I dance poorly. I work up a little sweat and I love it. I could never do aerobics because they don’t have little arrows on the floor to tell me where to put my feet. This thing is better than any dance class I’ve ever taken.

I’m bringing books and my afghan that I’m crocheting. I’m going to sit in the jetted tub in the room and just relax. I’ll be far enough away from Salt Lake to not care about it anymore. I took time off work and I’m going to enjoy myself. I just feel like I need to get out of Dodge. Pray for good weather for me so the drive only takes two hours.

If you want some ideas on where you can “get out of Dodge,” check out Starling Travel:


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  1. OMG!!! you are sooooooo right!! I just accidentally found your rant by entering the the phrase “GET OUT OF DODGE” on the Google search eng. A search that I was hoping would produce some eye popping get out of town ideas. Oh well…… instead I found your little blog on the ‘virtues’ of Vegas slots. Is it not insane that banners proclaim the 95% payoff as if it is a selling point? I equate that to a New York Taco Bell advertising marquis stating EAT HERE, WE HAVE 5% LESS RAT DROPPINGS IN OUR TACOS. Okay…….just nod your head slowly, back away and dance, dance, dance.

    GREAT BLOG, I enjoyed it.

    Comment by mike — 4/7/2007 @ 9:38 am

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