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February Google Search Phrases

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learning to walk again

That was the most heartbreaking Google search phrase of the month of February. They found my entry talking about Kristen’s stroke, but I’m sure they didn’t find what they needed. I gave no advice because I wasn’t the one who learned how to walk. I just had to sit on the sidelines and keep myself from trying to catch her when she wobbled.

She’s walking just fine now. Her speech is still a little slurred, but she is entirely understandable. Her quick recovery is nothing short of a miracle. I remember her begging for her parents to take her home. They told her that if she worked really hard in therapy, then they would let her go home. She’s home now with her cat and her computer and her newly painted bedroom. That’s the power of motivation: learn to walk and you can leave this lonely place.

One person was looking for a website to teach them to walk again, and all I could do was describe it from the outside looking in. I hope that they were able to find something more helpful a little further down the list. I hope they find all they need on that journey that I can’t spare them.

along came polly quotations, quote from along came polly dad, quotes from along came polly

On the disappointing side, there were three people looking for Along Came Polly Quotations. Since our Quotes of the Day website specializes in quotations, I feel a little guilty for not being able to help them. All I did was say, “I’m not going to see the movie, but the concept is intriguing.” How’s that for in-depth reporting? I guess I’ll leave that to the local news.

buttoned-up women, uptight men

I also got a bunch of hits for the Along Came Polly entry concerning the idea of repressed individuals. I noticed that irrepressible women, virile men, uninhibited person didn’t show up as search phrases. Could it be that all of us are looking for someone who is boring so that we can bring spice to their lives? Maybe just the people who end up finding my weblog.

changing in front of other women locker room, photo her changing clothes, photo weblogs locker rooms, undress jumper training bra

The perverts found me with my weblog entry, Conversations In Women’s Locker Rooms. I’m sorry, but I have no porn for you folks. I guess I need to choose my words much more carefully. Here’s a piece of advice for you, find your porn the way I did: find a friend with older brothers. They’re always willing to let the younger generation feed off their used and sticky Penthouse magazines.

lisa loeb haircut

Even though I wrote the entry in January, I’m still getting plenty of hits with this phrase. As an update, I couldn’t find any Lisa Loeb Glasses in Salt Lake City. It wasn’t until my last trip to Las Vegas a couple of weekends ago that I was able to find any. I had almost given up on even trying the Lisa Loeb thing, but then the Hot Topic at the Fashion Show Mall had some Lisa Loeb Glasses for me, so now I can look quirky with my straight hair instead of prissy. I changed my picture on February 25th with my new look, just in case you didn’t notice.

pick my face

Hands down, the most disturbing search entry of the month. I can handle 13-year old boys looking for porn, but someone looking for a site about acne molestation is just too weird for me. I’m just hoping that they were looking for a cosmetic surgery clinic where they get to pick out their favorite cheekbones.


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