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That Special Car Reloaded

Filed under: Philosophy — Laura Moncur @ 5:00 am

I saw That Special Car at the gym last week. I think a girl drives it. The decals have been removed from the side, but there is really no way for someone to totally remove decals after they have been on a car for awhile. Ghost decals haunt the car with just a minor change in the shade of neon green.

I don’t know why the gym feels so neighborly now that I know that the Special Car owner works out there. I’ve never spoken to this girl. I just saw her open the car as I headed out of the parking lot. I don’t even know why I feel a connection to her just because she commutes in the opposite direction as I do every day. Of course, I haven’t seen her driving to work for so long. Maybe she doesn’t work in Salt Lake anymore and she just goes to the gym all day long.

If I were to talk to her, what would I say? I can just imagine how weird the conversation would be:

“So, you drive that green Dodge Neon out there?”

“Uh, yeah…”

“I used to see you every morning when I was driving to work. I drive a green Beetle. I thought that our cars clashed.”


“You didn’t start going to work earlier just so that our cars wouldn’t be seen on the road together, did you?”


I can just see her, standing in the locker room, wondering whether I was just some sort of idiot savant or if she should run away. She’d just look at me and squint, trying to determine if I looked like a strange stalker.

Yeah, I better never talk to that girl in the locker room or otherwise. I have a hard enough time trying to describe in print why I feel like she is my comrade merely because she drives on the same road as I do every day. Trying to explain it in person is just weird.


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