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Todd Oldham Update

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Wednesday night, Mike took me shopping for those fabulous sandals that haunted my dreams. I couldn’t find anything quite as colorful as the sandals that my imagination invented for Todd Oldham, but I found three pair of sandals with four inch heels that show almost all of my feet save some slinky straps. I bought them at Payless Shoe Source. They were having a Buy Two, Get One Free Sale, so all three cost $33 and some change including tax. That’s a far cry from the $115 handmade prototypes that Todd offered me in my reverie, but they’ll do.

I had a brief moment of inspiration when I thought I would paint my own fabulous Todd Oldham sandals exactly how they were painted in my dream, but that quickly faded when I noticed how great they looked just in black with no orange or powder blue. By the way, I fit into size 8 shoes now. No 8 and 3/4 for me. I didn’t know my feet would shrink when I lost weight. That’s a surprise!

The important blessing that my Todd Oldham dream gave me was the confidence. I was looking for clothes and I felt beautiful and svelte. I was trying on sandals that showed my toes and my heels and my arches. My naked feet are absolutely beautiful because I pamper them, but I’ve never felt worthy to show them to the world. Now, they are out there for all to see. They aren’t hiding in hiking sandals. They aren’t hiding in Birkenstocks. They are jumping up and grabbing your attention in four-inch heels and skimpy buckles. Thanks, Todd!


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