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The Friday Five

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1. Would you rather earn more money or have more time off?

Can’t I have both? Can’t I earn more money and work less hours? What is the saying? Work smarter, not harder. Can’t I have some of that smarter work?

I guess if I had to choose, I would prefer to have more time off. We only go through life once and I want to enjoy it while I’m here. I can’t spend it after I’m dead.   2. Which is more important, the ends or the means?

This is a question straight out of the sixties. You might as well ask me which is more important, the medium or the message? There’s no question on this one, they’re both important, but the means outweigh the ends. If you have to go against your morals to get the desired result, then it’s not worth it. You can’t do good in the world by doing evil.
3. How are our personalities formed, by nature or through nurture?

Wow! Isn’t that the question? I have no idea. I don’t have any children, but all the parents that I know say that the children come with their own personalities. I know that each of our pets have their own distinct personalities, but each of them had completely different upbringings.

Did Linda’s compulsive overeating come from me? What about her dedication to a schedule? Did Maggie’s needy behavior come from being raised by Mike’s over-attentive sister, Kristen, or was she born that way? Her brother, Chester, also was ultra-needy, but then again, he was raised by Kristen, too. What about Sid? Was he born with the need to bark at motorcycle helmets or was he accosted by a motorcycle madman during his puppy years?

I truly don’t know. If I knew for sure, it might win me the Nobel Prize, so I’m not telling.   4. Who do you feel closer to, your mother or your father?

Finally, an easy one. I feel closer to my mom. I never really bonded with my dad. Now if you asked me to choose between my mom and Grandpa, that would be a hard question.
5. Why do you answer these silly questions, out of boredom or out of love of introspection?
  Ahh, the love of introspection. I think my entire life has been lived through the myopic eyes of introspection. Unless of course, you mean the Pet Shop Boys’ album, then I would have to choose boredom. What I do here has nothing to do with that album… I Want A Dog… A Chihuahua


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