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Right before I woke up the other morning, I had a strange dream. I was competing in a race, but it was more like a strange scavenger hunt where you had to solve clues and experience moments. It was at an amusement park like Disneyland or maybe it was Las Vegas. I’m not sure, but everything was larger than life. It was a lot like a video game except there were a lot of people competing and I didn’t have a good orientation, so the map and the symbols weren’t explained to me very well and I was confused all the time. At one point, I knew I was behind and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. When I finally found out what I was supposed to do, it was to play a video game and get a certain score. I was nearly there when Mike showed up and started distracting me. I hadn’t totally lost by the time that I woke up, but I was really mad at him.

That was a night for dreams. I woke up at 3:38 am that morning with a horrible nightmare. I was having a terrible time at work. They were sending me north to drive a truck back from Idaho. I was supposed to be home five hours ago and I still hadn’t had a chance to call Mike to tell him where I was and what was going on. By the time I was able to get to my cell phone, I tried calling Mike. The reception was poor, but I could hear him. When he answered the phone, he sounded really worried. I started to explain that I had a terrible day at work, but he preempted my explanation. He said, “Laura, I think Maggie is�” and then the cell phone cut out. He sounded so worried that I was sure that she was on death’s door and I was five hours away from the two of them. I woke up instantly. Maggie wasn’t on the bed when I woke up, so I staggered into Mike’s office. He was there to comfort me and Maggie swaggered in behind me. I guess she had been sleeping in the living room.

Needless to say, I slept in that morning.


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