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The Friday Five

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1. What color ink pen do you like best?

I can’t decide. The color ink that I prefer is the one I wasn’t using last time I wrote something. I like to change colors regularly. I have written in my Moleskine in purple, aqua, pink, red, green, blue and black.
2. Do you prefer plain paper or paper with lines (notebook paper)?

My Moleskine is used when I’m out and about and have a great idea. Since sometimes I like to draw pictures (or I like to think that I will want to draw pictures), I have the unlined version. When I’m writing at home, however, I prefer paper with lines. In fact, I have an MS Excel document that I use to print up journal pages so I can write longhand when I’m in the mood. Mostly, I just type on the computer.
3. What’s better: books from the library or reading online?
It depends on where I’m reading. If I’m stuck at work and I’m not allowed to read a book, then I prefer reading online. If I’m cuddled into the couch at home, then I prefer the library book. Mike has made a great site to read books online. You should check it out if you’re stuck at work.
4. Which would you rather get, e-mail or snail mail?
It depends on what I’m receiving. If it’s a personal note from a friend, I’d much rather get email because I’ll get it quicker. If it’s junk from advertisers, I’d much rather it be snail mail because then it cost them money to bug me. I will just dump it in the recycle bin, so I don’t worry about the trees they are killing. If it’s important bills or official notices from the government, I prefer snail mail because it seems more official than just an email showing up in my box. I don’t want to get anything official in my email.
5. Do you have a paper weight on your desk?
Not unless you count the Magic Eight Ball, Akenaten, Buddha or <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />St. Jude. I don’t keep papers under any of them. Buddha and St. Jude are too small to hold anything down, but Akenaten and the Magic Eight Ball could do in a pinch. I try to clean all papers off my desk each evening. If there is anything sitting on my desk when I leave, that means we had a really busy day and I left in a hurry.


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