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The Friday Five

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1. Who was your favorite band/musican when you were younger?

Hands down, The Cure was my favorite. I’ve talked about this at length before, so I’m reluctant to spend another day babbling about them.

One more note, I am covered in shame. KJQ, the local modern classics station, has been running a billboard campaign. I drove past the billboard that said, “Thuk-Your,” for over a month. I was clueless and I asked Mike what it meant. He explained that it was an inside joke. It’s a band name. I still didn’t get it. He said it was “The Cure.” I have shamed my former punkdom.

2. Why?

They were so angst ridden. They fit right into my internal psyche at the time.

3. Are they still your favorite/one of your favorites?

They will always be one of my favorites. They just released a new album and it’s on my Wish List. My mood changes and they change right along with me.

4. What is your favorite of their songs?

The Cure has a few different personalities, so here is my favorite for each of them:

Manic: The Upstairs Room from Japanese Whispers

Angry Young Man: Like Cockatoos from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

The Pit of Despair: Play for Today from Seventeen Seconds

5. Are there any specific lyrics you hold dear?

The upstairs room Is cool and bright. We could go up there in summer And dance all night!


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