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The Friday Five

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Girliest Entry EVAR!

1. Of everything in your wardrobe what do you feel the most comfortable wearing? Why?

Right now, we are having a hot summer, so I’m most comfortable wearing as little as possible. I got some cool skorts at Target in Vegas that look like mini-skirts, but have shorts underneath, so I can wear them to work and not have to be too hot. Plus, there’s no risk of the accidental undie flash.

2. How would you describe your style?

I look like a boring soccer mom, but I’m not a mom and I don’t watch soccer. I guess I would classify myself as Preppy, which is what I used to dress like in high school when I wasn’t going for the punker look or the Mod look. I stop just short of wearing a sweater around my shoulders and tied in a knot on my breasts.

3. How many pairs of shoes do you own and do you wear them all?

Too many. I haven’t counted, but I’m sure there are at least twenty pair in the closet and in the basket next to the door. Right now, I’m in sandal mode, so I’ve been wearing my fabulous sandals every day for weeks because of the heat. I’ll go back to clogs when fall comes around and to the boots when winter hits. They rotate and if they don’t get worn, they go to the DI.

4. Where do you buy most of your clothes?

They go back to whence they came. I also shop at Wal-Mart, Target, Shopko and K-Mart. I am finally thin enough to shop at the mall, but I’m still shrinking, so I am loathe to pay mall prices for clothes I’ll only be able to wear for a couple of months.

5. What was the last piece of clothing you bought?

The aforementioned skorts. Luckily because I love to say the word skort. Skort, Skort, SKORT!


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