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Conversion Problems

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I think that I have painstakingly fixed all the small problems that I was having with the conversion from our home-brew blog software over to WordPress. I write all of these entries in Word before I post them on the blog software, which isn’t a problem now, but when we used our old system, a lot of the old junk from Word was still there. It was causing problems, but I have systematically removed it all.

Now, please help me. If you see anything weird in my entries, will you please tell me? I know that everything from now on should be ok, but the older entries might have slipped past me. The fonts might be a little screwy. That’s ok, but if you see weird things with lots of strange punctuation then please email me. I’m no e. e. cummings. I don’t write strange poems with lots of parenthesis and carets.

Man, all my writing inspiration has been stripped out of me. I have spent all day just fixing these entries and it has killed all my writing instincts. I feel like I have nothing to say after deleting all the junk that Word put into my documents. Do I blame Microsoft for putting the junk there or myself for using Microsoft products?

This entry is written on MS Word. I guess you just can’t teach me.


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