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The Friday Five

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1. If you were an alien visiting Earth where would you come from?

It’s much easier for me to imagine myself as an alien visiting a planet that’s NOT Earth for some reason. If I were an alien, I think that I would like to come from a system in the Pleiades, maybe Electra or Maia.

2. How would you get here and how long would it take?

I would be beamed directly here through a matter transport machine. To me, it would feel instantaneous.

3. What would you do or say when you got here?

I would take the form of a human being, so I would just set up shop, get a job and observe the humans in their normal habitat.

4. What would be your best judgment about Earth and what would be your worst judgment about Earth?

Earth is a beautiful planet inhabited by industrious mammals called humans. They work really hard to move around green bits of paper. My worst judgment would be that they tend to view each other as different when really they all look the same to me.

5. What would you look like?

In my natural state, I would be a pure energy being, able to take the form of whatever I wish. While visiting, however, I would be in human form. In fact, for all you know, I am an alien right now.


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