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The Friday Five

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1. What is something that you used to believe, but are glad you don’t believe anymore?


2. Is there something you wish you still believed? What?

I wish I could still believe in God or a higher power. It made life so easy. I saw Bruce Almighty last week when I was totally sick and there was a point where Bruce kneels down in the middle of the freeway and acquiesces to God’s Will. Yeah, if I met God in person, I’d do that too. Ok, I wouldn’t kneel down in the middle of the freeway during a rain storm. That’s just stupid.

3. What experience or person taught you the most about life?

I wish I could point fingers. That person. That incident. That place. Instead I find myself here with lots of tiny little lessons that have accumulated until I feel like the one to give the advice. Someone must want to know what I learned. Anyone?

4. What area of life would you like to know or understand more about?

I still haven’t mastered coveting yet. I look at the most beautiful girl and I want to trade. I look at the most successful man and I want to trade. I don’t care about their horrific childhood or current strife. I just want the good that I see in their life without consequences. I know the dangers of covetousness, yet it doesn’t stop me from wanting what they have.

5. What is your most valuable lesson about life so far?

Take a break. Relax. Quit worrying. Enjoy yourself. If I did more of this, I think my life might have gone smoother. Then again…

Malaise? You’ve hit writer’s block. All of us get it. Take a break. Back pain? It’s probably muscle soreness. Relax. Exhaustion? Sleeping all day? You’ve probably got the flu. Quit worrying. Blood in your urine? Kick back. Just enjoy yourself.

Sometimes, even good advice is bad advice.


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