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The Friday Five

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1. What was the last dream that you had about?

Last Thursday night, I dreamt that I was sick with a kidney infection (just like in real life), except that I lived in my old West Valley home with my mom and Carol and my sister Stacey. I was feeling sick, so all I wanted to do was sleep. I had visitors coming in the middle of the night and instead of my mom telling them to shove off, she forced me to be sociable with them. She even gave me hints about what I should and shouldn’t do with the visitors by writing them on my throat and arms.

By the time I got the visitors to go away, it was eight in the morning and I should have been to work. I needed to take a shower to wash off all the marker writing on my body. I couldn’t get anyone to tell me the correct time.

When I woke up from this dream, the clock said 9:30. I couldn’t tell if it was am or pm. I was disoriented and mad at my dream mom for not letting me rest when I was sick. I had to find Mike and have him tell me the real time. It was 9:30 pm (I had gone to bed at 7 pm because I was sick).

2. Does it hold any significant meaning to you?

Whenever I dream about the house in West Valley, I know that I’ve been neglecting my inner child. I spent most of my childhood in that house (from age 7 to 21 when I got married) and it has come to represent my inner child to me. I had a good conversation with her and the next day, I showed up at work to turn in a time card and went right back home to rest. I also chose to tell them that I was going to take Monday off too so that I could fully heal from this kidney infection thing. My inner child was sick and she didn’t want to have to go to work not feeling well, especially when she didn’t get to sleep at all the night before. I haven’t been a very good mom to my inner child lately.

3. Do you dream in color or black and white?

I always dream in color. I don’t believe that people actually dream in black and white unless they spend a lot of time watching old movies. I’ve had dreams where I didn’t notice the color of things, but the only time I’ve dreamt in black in white was after a Twilight Zone binge (my mom had gotten the episodes on VHS and I had watched several episodes of it back to back).

4. What is the most frightening dream you ever had?

I used to have a recurring nightmare that was kind of like a game. I talked about it in another Friday Five. It was when The Friday Five was defunct and I was desperately scrambling for my own questions. You can read more about my dreams there.

5. Is there one dream that stays clear in your mind despite the fact it was more than a few years ago?

I already talked about this in that previous entry about sleeping and dreams. It’s not their fault that I thought of my own questions and they happened to correspond to theirs.


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