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The Da Vinci Code

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The Da Vinci CodeOver the Christmas holiday, I read The Da Vinci Code. I had been told that it was a cheap Foucault’s Pendulum rip-off. At first glance, it might appear that way. Both books start with a murder in a museum. Both books are conspiracy theory stories in which the characters are searching for The Holy Grail. Both books drag everything under the sun into the conspiracy including Mickey Mouse. That, however, is where the correlations end…

I read Foucault’s Pendulum in a sick haze. I had the flu and I skipped three days of college classes and lay in my bed, reading. I had a fresh knowledge of now forgotten Latin and years of Spanish training to help me through the manuscript. That book came into my life at a time when I was able to read it. If I tried to read it tomorrow, I would be unable.

If Foucault’s Pendulum took me three days to read, I was determined to read The Da Vinci Code is less time. So, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I read. Between the familial visits and the holiday preparations, I filled my time with Jesus and the Holy Grail (oh yeah, there was a murder, too). I can think of nothing better to read about during the Christmas Season.

I’m ashamed to say that I loved it. I was ashamed to even buy it. I couldn’t find anything but the super spiffy Picture Book Version at the store, so I had Mike go up to the information counter to ask about it. They were all out of the normal version. The paperback version hasn’t come out yet, so I was stuck with the picture book. I felt embarrassed to even bring it up to the counter to pay for it. I could only hope the employee thought it was a present. I felt like saying to him, “I’m not buying this for myself or anything. I’m not a Jesus Freak, really.”

You see, all the Mormons here in SLC just love this book. Bookstores are having trouble keeping it in stock. After reading it, I understand why (and I won’t tell you, ha ha!). The irony of my entire situation is that anyone looking at my life would think that I was a Jesus Freak. I got a St. Lucia medal for Christmas from Mike. I love it! I read The Da Vinci Code in two days. I love it! I’m writing a book about Jesus. I have a saint card (St. Lucia, of course) in my purse. St. Jude and St. Lucia sit below my computer monitor at work (along with Buddha, but Christianity outnumbers him). I can quote scripture better than most of the devout. All of this, yet I protest. I’m not a Jesus Freak. I’m an Atheist, really. Well, an atheist who is tempted by superstition.

So, with shame, I bought the book. With shame, I tell you that I absolutely loved it. None of it will affect where I’m going with Looking For Christ. I’m still stuck and unable to write right now. This month of rest is almost over and I will get back into the swing of things. Until then, I feed myself on literary bon-bons. Yum!

For a plot synopsis that doesn’t give away some of the “shockers”, see The Official Website of Dan Brown.



  1. So, will you be backtracking to read Angles & Demons? That one’s full of papal conspiracy rather than Templar conspiracy, but is just as enjoyable/pulpy. :)

    Comment by Sinistar — 12/28/2004 @ 8:06 pm

  2. Oh how I wish I could edit that last comment. ANGELS. Angles & Demons sounds like a mix of Flatworld and LaVey.

    Comment by Sinistar — 12/28/2004 @ 8:06 pm

  3. Yes, I think I will put it on my list. The library has 13 copies and 34 holds, so I guess I’m buying that one too. Hopefully, I can just get the paperback and not have to pay for the super spiffy picture book. That edition made me feel like I was in third grade again.

    Remember how proud you were when you read a book that didn’t have pictures on every page? Yeah, this one felt the opposite.

    Comment by Laura Moncur — 12/29/2004 @ 8:07 am

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