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George W. Bush is a Miserable Failure

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Just doing my part to get the word out:

George W. Bush is a Miserable Failure.

If Google is a measure of popular opinion, then the world has taken a recount:

Google Search for the phrase “Miserable Failure.”

You get to vote about this too, even if you’re not a citizen of the United States. Just dedicate a blog entry to George W. Bush and link to his biography using the words “Miserable Failure.”

Why I think he’s a miserable failure:

  1. He (and his administration) hoodwinked the nation into the war with Iraq.
  2. He got to be president under suspicious circumstances.
  3. He still hasn’t brought the man who took credit for 9-11 (Osama Bin Laden) into custody.
  4. He brought our national approval rating from the highest it has been in years (right after 9-11) to the lowest.

I voted against him in both of the elections and I’m voting against him once again. I can’t believe half the nation voted for him last time…



  1. I wonder why this meme is resurfacing right now. It’s actually over a year old – I think it was before the last election. And it’s not a measure of popular opinion at all, it was a deliberate google-bomb by one of the democratic campaign sites. Here’s an article on it from 2003.

    Comment by Michael Moncur — 3/17/2005 @ 3:11 pm

  2. I have enjoyed your writing, and your memories of Kearns, but your political views leave something to be desired. George Bush acted on the information he was given, and has not backed down from those actions. I for one am glad we have someone in the whitehouse that has provided free elections for women instead of using them as a humidor.

    Comment by Ghentry Pace — 3/17/2005 @ 7:00 pm

  3. Yes, this is called “Google Bombing”….that one got a lot of publicity, and then was countered by folks who decided there were folks more deserving of the term Miserable Failure which is why Michael Moore shows up next on the list.

    I once tried to initiate a google bomb of Yahoo Bill pay with the term Untrustworthy it never did make Google’s list, but it did top MSN’s search engine for a while.

    Some google bombs are inadvertant…If you type in “Michael Main” in Google my blog will eventually come up and my actual website “michaelmain.com” shows up down the list. Type in “McGriddle Recipe” and I’m still number one and have been since making one mention of McGriddle nearly 2 years ago…

    Sometimes it’s Google that’s a Miserable Failure.

    Comment by Michael Main — 3/18/2005 @ 12:58 am

  4. Laura,

    What I find interesting is that so many liberal progressives, (yes, there are conservative progressives.) do not understand where their World view- where there is no Truth, thus no good or bad originates from. This view, to use its on language, this narrative, is Postmodernism. And that this Postmodern movement is just that. It is a movement. It is about 35-40 years old and its promulgation has been promoted in our Universities and coffee houses for that period of time. Thus it is found in our politics and in our arts. But it is in no way Universal. This movement, will, and is being replaced today. Just as Realism. Naturalism, Modernism then High Modernism and thus Postmodernism have all been and will have all been replaced by something other then itself. Take for example, in an article in the Science Christian Monitor, in January. It had an article concerning the dying beliefs of this movement. They sited some founding fathers of this movement as no longer holding to the movement’s tenants. They said postmodernism, their own movement, was indeed dysfunctional and no longer could be accepted as viable. The reason Bush is so hated by those who hold the beliefs of this movement is because of his own belief that there is Truth, that there is a Good and a Bad in this World. And that this primary Bad, in the political realm is in the form of Totalitarian states. I personally agree. All you ever heard time and time again from the liberal press and news channels and Think Tanks was that the Bush Doctrine was foolish and sophomoric to hold that Democracy in any form could take root in the Middle East. Now what do we hear them say. Just this past week we hear now— ‘hey wait a minute, perhaps he has got a point.’ Even Bill Maher, on CNN, with Anderson Cooper, said last night that it looks like Bush’s Big picture of the Middle East is right- people do want democracy. Because the American military has shown great resolve to that region, in the face of such strong World opinion against its actions, the people of that region are being empowered to stand up and give a voice against enslavement. So, Bush is right. A People, if given a chance will choose self rule. Why it is that something so simple and so basic to self-worth and self right is so invisible to those who so hate Bush? Let’s forgive those we think have done wrong when the end result of that wrong has freed 50,000,000 ppl in two countries and is allowing others in an entire region to, for the first time, believe that they too can have a hope that they might believe that maybe, just maybe… there are some Truths that are indeed, self-evident and that one of these inalienable rights is that all men/women are created equal. Freedom, in the end, always wins out. Even in the face of terrorism and even in the face of some temporary Postmodernist movement that has done little to enlighten the high arts, much less the human heart!

    Peace– Clifford

    Comment by clifford — 3/18/2005 @ 1:13 pm

  5. Could you have done better

    Comment by reader — 11/5/2006 @ 10:42 am

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