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Caffeine Dependence

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My dependence on caffeine has gotten phenomenally worse. If I don’t make sure I get a dose by ten in the morning, I end up with a headache. The thought of going off it completely makes me cringe, but the idea of having to drink a Diet Mountain Dew every morning just so I won’t have a headache bothers me even more. I guess I’m spending this weekend going off the Dew. Goody… Three days of head-splitting headaches. Better than every day, I guess.

Update 8:29 pm: I’m too chicken to go cold turkey. I decided to take 2 Excedrin when the morning headache comes. I won’t drink any caffeinated beverages, but the Excedrin has caffeine in it. Next week, I’ll lower the dose to 1 Excedrin a day and the week after that I’ll take a half an Excedrin. I just can’t bear to deal with those headaches.

Update 04-12-05 3:17 pm: It took less than a week to wean myself off the caffeine. I was down to a quarter of an Excedrin in the morning. Almost a week later, I had a morning without a headache, so I didn’t take anything. I didn’t realize it until 6pm that night. I was so happy. Now, I’m staying away from all caffeinated products.


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  1. Ive got a caffeine addition too. A year later are you still off the caffeine or back on it? Im scared to stop drinking coke or taking 4 excedrins (excedrin migraine!)almost daily since i dont want to deal with the massive headaches. help?? help! Thanks, Dave

    Comment by Dave — 2/7/2006 @ 5:51 pm

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