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Computer Drawing

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Drawing pictures with a mouse on the computer is a foreign experience to me. Every time I try it, I end up with uncomfortable squiggly lines. I just haven’t taught my hand to draw with a mouse like I have with a pencil or pen.

I usually just end up drawing the picture on paper and scanning it into the computer. That’s how a lot of artists who post their work online do it. Others have those tablet things that let you draw on them like you would on paper and it inputs right into the computer. They even come in shocking white to match your Mac (not a good idea for me considering how much food I eat by my computer).

Braidwood has been teaching herself how to draw on the computer with a mouse and I am so pleased with how quickly she is progressing. Every picture she posts is substantially better than the previous one. I saw this entry a couple days before my birthday and it made me so happy:

Yes, please! – Birthday Wish – by Braidwood

I imagined that sweet pink frosting was mine and there was someone willing to light that many candles for me. There is a warm glow from the fire and I need to suck up all my breath to get them out in one blow.


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  1. Thanks, Laura! You can have one of the birthday cakes and I’ll have the other one. (I knew there was a reason I posted two. :) I’m getting used to drawing with a mouse, AND I just a free scanner from a generous person on craigslist.com, so I plan to scan in the next illustration friday post. I love the texture of physical color on physical paper, especially watercolor paper soaking up the watercolors.

    Comment by Braidwood — 4/14/2005 @ 11:45 am

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