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Radio Silence

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There are a couple of ways to say nothing. One is to say nothing. Another is to say a lot of nothing. Monkey Jabber. Small Talk. My, isn’t the weather nice? What did you do last night? Where did you get that shirt? Did you watch that show last night? Have you heard the new song? Did you hear about our colleague? My answers are inconsequential and ignored. They just fill the air with words hiding my true self.

I’ve experienced enough monkey jabber for a lifetime. It feels good to just sit in silence sometimes. I find it shockingly reassuring. After listening to the never-ending jabber for so long and being expected to respond to it, I am happy to smile politely in the quiet that has been given to me.


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  1. ..How’s the weather down there?

    Comment by Diandra — 6/4/2005 @ 1:58 pm

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