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London Calling

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I heard about the terrorist attacks a mere four hours after it happened. That’s what happens when I’m on a news-fast. I hear the news; it just takes a little longer. If it’s really important, the news leaks into the daily life and I hear about it.

My first thought was that it was the IRA or some other British-grown terrorist organization. The strange thing is that everyone else’s first thought was al-Queda. I wonder which it will be.

Ironically, that morning, I had passed a newspaper sitting on the table at work. It said that London won the Olympic Bid. I thought to myself, “We should go to London two months before the Olympics come there. They will be excited and setting things up and there won’t be any tourists there because everyone will be waiting for the Olympics before they go. Maybe a month after…” My mind rushed like that.

I remembered the excitement that filled Salt Lake a couple of months before the Olympics and I was happy to see that come to Great Britain. My family has wanted to go there for a long time.

It’s funny, when I’m on a news fast, what pieces of the news filter in through my barriers.


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