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Mike has been working on The Quotations Weblog for a few weeks now. The software and integration of the website has taken longer to set up than it did for Starling Fitness or this weblog. I’ve been writing in anticipation for the site and I’ve been waiting to tell you. Today I can!

I’m hoping that this addition to my writing responsibilities won’t make me as tired as adding Starling Fitness was. I’m only writing twice a week for now, so I should be able to write here just as frequently as before.

We also moved the old Quotes of the Week entries from the featured section to the weblog. I wrote those entries way back in 1997 and 1998. I let the Demon of Perfection get to me back then and Quotes of the Week didn’t last too long. My favorite entry was: My Perceptions of Trains. The rest of them felt like school work to me. Writing is much easier now, if only because I don’t have to do much HTML programming anymore.

If you finish reading here and want some more, go ahead and check out The Quotations Weblog. You might enjoy it also.


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