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Today’s Bike Ride

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My ride into work started out poorly today. At the corner of 7th East and 21st South, the chain on my bike came off its gears. I stood in front of Blockbuster Video fussing with the chain while cars passed me. My light came and went until I was finally able to get it situated correctly. I think it would have taken half the time if I had just resigned myself to black fingers from the start. I really need to clean my chain.

Aside from that minor mishap, I had a wonderful ride this morning. The weather has been cooler these last couple of days and I’ve enjoyed it greatly. While I rode on the overpass that rises above the railroad tracks, I scared a pigeon. He flew off to my right in a fluff of white. It’s a good sign when birds fly off to the right.

There was a huge daddy-long-leg spider on the sidewalk between 7th West and 9th West. I dodged him and didn’t squish him. He was heading from my left to the right also: another good sign. It was amazing I was able to see him at all.

At 17th South and Redwood, the Eastbound number 30 bus was a little early this morning. I saw the man with the 60°-angled back straighten up and board, tossing his cigarette aside. He was wearing a baseball cap today. His curly black hair was straining to escape from it. He’s there almost every morning.

Lynn Wilson smelled like garbage again this morning. That factory makes the best frozen bean burritos in the valley, but since the heat of the summer has hit us, the building smells like garbage. The dumpster must be near the front entrance. I wish they would trim their bushes out front. They scratch my arm as I ride by.

The commute to work is so different on a bike. The things I notice are smaller and more intimate than what I notice in my car. My neighbor across the street said, “You can cover an amazing amount of ground on a bike.” She’s right, but the ground that I cover is actually noticed and appreciated. I’m so glad that I finally work and live close enough that riding my bike is feasible. That early morning bike ride is something I look forward to every day.


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