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Hummer H3

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Stacey and Dan just bought a Hummer H3. Their other car is a Mini. They have both ends of the spectrum now. I am pretty stoked about this because they bought the car so the four of us can go camping together. It’s a pretty sweet ride with tons of room for camping gear.

We took the H3 camping last weekend. All four of us and the dogs fit comfortably in it. Stacey and Dan got a huge top of the car bag to hold all of their gear, which is a good thing because it would have been a tight fit otherwise. Mike and I brought a lot of junk, so we would have had trouble fitting all the gear.

They found a cool place to take the H3 off-roading. There was a trail that intersected with a creek bed. The creek was dry, so they took it on the creek bed. Any other car would have been stuck, but this thing just floated over those big rocks. Mike got out of the car to take the last two photos in the slideshow. We weren’t stuck. Nothing was broken. They just waited for Mike to take the pictures and we went on our merry way.

We’re looking forward to many lovely camping trips in this machine. I’m sure glad they got it. We had a lot of fun tagging along with them.


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