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From Your Friends at Google

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Last year, we didn’t sell enough Google ads to rate a gift, but this year, we got a present from Google. It’s the coolest little thing. I wish I could buy one for all my techie friends. In the nice case, there is a 4-Port USB Hub, a 128 MB USB key chain storage device, a wireless optical mouse with the wireless transmitter built into the mouse, a retractable USB cable, a computer earbud/microphone, a USB light, batteries for the mouse, a hand strap and drawstring bag.

I was totally impressed and it immediately disappeared into Mike’s office. He had claimed it in the name of Starling Studios. I had to reclaim it just to take pictures of it. Otherwise, it’s his. It felt so good to receive something like this in the mail again. We used to get little things like this all the time from computer and Internet companies. After the Dot Bomb, all these cool little toys dried up.

It feels like we’re in another bubble. That’s okay. We’ll ride it until it pops again. This time, we’ll make sure we have a nice cushion built up to break our fall.


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  1. Hi! I also received the same gift from my friends at Google. It was a complete surprise and I was totally impressed. What neat and useful computer gadgets! All stamped “Google”. It felt like Christmast!

    Thanks Google friends. That was a nice recognition.

    Danni R. medicalassistant.net

    Comment by Danni R. — 12/21/2005 @ 7:56 am

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