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Misty Snow

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I’ve never seen it before. Yesterday, I walked outside to go to my early morning appointment. When I looked out my window, it looked like it had snowed or rained, but it was all finished now. When I walked out into the weather, though, I realized that it was raining or snowing or something.

It reminded me of the misty rain that Mike and I had encountered on our first trip to San Fransisco. That February, we had left Salt Lake in three feet of snow and arrived in California to sixty degree weather. Cory and Kathleen kept apologizing for the rain, but we had left with snow chains in our trunk. We were happy for rain.

It was a kind of misty rain that seemed to float in the air instead of fall from the sky. It didn’t even feel like rain, but after a couple of minutes walking from their one bedroom apartment to the Ethiopian restaurant down the street, we were soaked. Cory and Kathleen apologized again, but we were happy to be out of the snow.

Yesterday, however, it was definitely NOT rain. When it hit the windshield, the snow was tiny frozen crystals that took a good three seconds to melt before the intermittent wipers brushed them away. It was snow, but it seemed to hang in the air like a mist. I’ve never seen it before in my life: misty snow.


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  1. Sounds like an exotic dancer. “Appearing tonight..Misty Snow and her bunny !”

    Comment by Gene M — 2/1/2006 @ 3:33 pm

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