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Ripping Off The Girl Scouts

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Girl Scout Cookies by Laura Moncur 03-17-06Grocery shopping started out with a bang yesterday. I parked toward the back of the parking lot because the lot was full. The lot is almost always full at Harmon’s, so I tend to just park in the back by habit rather than trying to search for a spot up close. As I pulled the key out of the ignition, I saw a minivan full of girls with balloons and signs. They were cheering and jumping. I thought it must be a birthday party.

By the time we walked to the front door, I realized that I was wrong. It wasn’t a birthday party. It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time. Mike looked at me and asked, “How much cash do you have?” I chuckled to myself and offered him all the bills in my purse. We had enough to buy seven boxes. That is basically an infinite amount of cookies in Mike’s mind. I let him choose to his heart’s content and he bought four boxes. As we were paying, I heard a guy come up and ask a question.

“You guys giving a discount if I buy a bunch of these?”

I laughed to myself and decided to give the guy a hard time.

“Did I just hear you trying to rip off some Girl Scouts?”

His face reddened and he immediately back-pedaled, trying to spin his question positively,

“No, I was just asking about their marketing. I was just wondering if they were marketing well, you know… If I buy a lot of these, can I get a discount?”

The Girl Scout mother answered, ending my amusement at his discomfort,

“Tell ya what. You buy a case and it will cost you forty bucks instead of forty-two.”

I laughed and took our boxes back to the car.

Later, Mike mentioned the incident,

“You know, that guy wasn’t trying to rip off those Girl Scouts.”

“He wasn’t?”

“No, he was trying to find an excuse to buy a lot of boxes.”

I chuckled, “Yeah, I bet you’re right.”


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