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If I’d Used It, It Would Be Gone

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Another person I met at SXSW, Amy, writes MommyBrain. This entry really touched me.

When my grandma died, Stacey and I cleaned out her personal items because it was too hard on my grandpa to do it.

At one point, I opened a drawer full of silky and lacy underwear. Every item still had the tag on them. I knew that my grandma had been saving those beautiful underthings for a special occasion. She never got to wear them.

I burst into tears…

Since that day, I have been the kind of person to use all my pretty Post-It Notes, fancy soaps and smelly candles. I never want to have someone else clean out my drawers and find that I never got to use my best stuff.


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  1. Talk about touching stories. Wow. I’m sorry for your loss. And what a sad, poignant and important lesson to learn. I’m sure your Grandmother would be thrilled to know that you took that lesson away from your experience.

    Here’s to using our best stuff now!

    Comment by Amy Muller — 4/4/2006 @ 9:58 am

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