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Apple Vs. Lugz

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A lot of people are talking about Apple’s Eminem commercial and how much it looks like the Lugz boots commercial:

The only problem is that not very many of them have tracked down links to the two commercials so that you can compare yourself. Here they are:

Lugz Commercial Clips

Apple Commercial Clips

After creating the corresponding commercial clips and reducing them so much in size, they DO look very similar. After watching each commercial, however. the Eminem/Apple commercial is so much more inspiring. Do you want to know why?

Because of the music.

Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” is such an inspiring song that the similarity between the two commercials fades very quickly.

Isn’t that what Apple was trying to say anyway?

Let’s get serious, though. Can Lugz really make a claim on earth tones, breakdancing, and spray paint?

Via: Crossroads Dispatches: Sound Familiar? Apple’s Psychedelic Psychographics


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