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The Golden Plates

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The Sword of Laban and The Tree of Life (The Golden Plates, Volume One)Dooce snapped a picture of the totally awesome book about Armageddon from the LDS church.

She totally missed out on The Golden Plates, which is an LDS comic book documenting the trials and tribulations of the Book of Mormon. I find the steroid-Nephites a little more scary.

Even more scary, these things are in the book section at my grocery store. I stare at them while I wait for the pharmacist to fill my perscriptions and I am amazed that there are enough LDS people to make it profitable for them to sell these books in a grocery store. It makes me feel alone here in Zion.

And even scarier, you can buy that comic book at Amazon, not just Deseret Book and Smith’s Food King.


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  1. I see those at Smiths and Maceys. SCARY!!!!! The Moroni has no pupils in his eyes… okay for Storm or Orphan Annie. Yikes!

    Comment by Kipluck — 8/31/2006 @ 10:58 pm

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