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Hamster Wheel

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I found this video on MySpace the other day. It reminded me of the dwarf hamster Mike and I used to have when we lived at Stonehedge Apartments. She was the best hamster anyone ever had. We used to open up the little door and she would hop into our hand. She would take the food and put it into her cheeks and then happily hop right back into her cage.

She used to run on her wheel just like this and she would get so excited that she would end up flipping around just like this little guy. Seeing this video makes me happy with memories.

I’ll never forget the night that Mike woke me up,

“Laura, if you want to say goodbye to the hamster, you better wake up. I don’t think she’s going to live through the night.”

After three years of happy life, it wasn’t surprising that she might die. That night she was having seizures. I said my goodbyes. I was so grateful that Mike woke me up so I could.

I can’t remember her name…


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