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Crocheted Bath Mat

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Crocheted Bath Mat

My current craft project right now is this bath mat. It’s about half-way done right now and I’ll probably be finished with it in a couple of days depending on how much writing I do and how much avoiding writing I do.

This is a pattern of my own making where I’m really just working in rounds, but I got the stitch from a book called Crochet Your Way. It’s a book full of UGLY patterns, but there are so many different stitches, it’s a great reference book. Think of it as a stitch bible with a bunch of ugly patterns distracting you.

This is the Twisted Loop Stitch:

Twisted Loop Stitch

I work the row twice. First I go around the round doing a double crochet in each loop. After that, I go back over the double crocheted stitches with these loops (chain 7, single crochet around the post of the double crochet).

You end up with a thick and bouncy mat that is perfect for stepping out of the shower onto.

Muppet Jacket from Crochet Your WayBy the way, I wasn’t kidding about the insanely ugly patterns in Crochet Your Way. Here’s an example. I feel so sorry for the model in this picture. Fortunately, no Muppets were murdered to create this jacket. It’s made from Faux Muppet Pelt using your mad crocheting skillz. As much as I’ve hated the patterns from this book, I have used the stitches in my own creations many times over. I have such a love-hate relationship with this book that I feel funny even writing about it. I don’t want to seem like I’m recommending it, but I AM recommending it.




  1. I love your rug. I’m going to make one just like it – or reasonably close. I almost always make a few changes in what ever I’m doing. I’ve been looking for a bathroom rug pattern for my bath for the grand kids so I won’t have quite as much water to clean up after their baths. What yarn did you use? It looks very nice and spongy. I’d guess worsted weight cotton or rug yarn? I agree about the book. I had it from the library and kept trying to return it but every time I went to take it back I found one more thing I wanted to check out. I owe a lot of fines. Never the less the patterns are really awful. Especially the afghan. It would have been better if they had made the sweaters to fit instead of looking like they belonged to model’s big brother. Still, it has a lot of really great stuff in it for reference. With some serions color changes, a lot of the afghan squares make great dishcloths. That’s where my grandaughter’s Christmas presents are coming from. I just taught her to crochet and all the ladies in her young life need dishcloths, especially if the colors are customized to their kitchens. I hate this book so much that I tried to buy it on EBay but I got out bid at the last moment. I’ll keep trying. It really is a great reference. Keep up the good work. I’ll come back and visit your site. I really like it. Suzanne

    Comment by Suzanne French — 10/17/2007 @ 3:15 am

  2. I used regular Red Heart yarn. It’s not really absorbent, but it feels good on my bare feet when I get out of the shower.

    Comment by Laura Moncur — 10/18/2007 @ 2:44 pm

  3. Hello I really like your rug but when I try to to it Its not coming out like yours. could you please when you have time explain how you do it a little more in detail. Im a begginner:)

    thanks gina

    Comment by gina — 7/31/2008 @ 10:41 pm

  4. Gina,

    Instead of working in rounds like that one, make yourself a rectangle if you’re a beginner.

    • Chain 52 stitches
    • Row 1: Double Crochet (DC) in the third stitch. DC in each stitch after for a total of 50.
    • Row 1 Twisted Loop: Chain 7, Single Crochet (SC) around the post of the DC. Repeat for each DC stitch.
    • Repeat Row 1 and Row 1 Twisted Loop for 50 rows.

    That should give you a rectangular shaped bath mat.

    Good luck! Laura

    Comment by Laura Moncur — 7/31/2008 @ 11:03 pm

  5. I really like your rug, thanks for sharing the instructions on the twisted loop stitch and recommending that “great” book! ha ha. Do you have any idea how much yard it would take to do a typical bathmat? I am planning on a rectangle shape. I was thinking of doing it in cotton. Just curious if you knew how much yarn you used and what size your rug turned out to be.

    Comment by Beth — 5/27/2009 @ 5:46 pm

  6. I am planning to make your bath mat, but I would like to make it a square of 24 inches. Very likely will have to adjust the number of stitches from a total of 50. How large was the one you made. I am somewhat of a beginner. Will appreciate any recommendations or insight on this project.

    Thanks, Gloria

    Comment by Gloria — 9/24/2009 @ 8:28 pm

  7. Gloria,

    The one I made was about one foot by two feet. The only problem is, after a few washings, it had stretched out to two feet by three feet. It got so big that I couldn’t use it as a bath mat anymore. It’s now a doggie bed.

    I would recommend the following for a square mat:

    • Chain 32 stitches.
    • Row 1: Double Crochet (DC) in the third stitch. DC in each stitch after for a total of 30.
    • Row 1 Twisted Loop: Chain 7, Single Crochet (SC) around the post of the DC. Repeat for each DC stitch.
    • Repeat Row 1 and Row 1 Twisted Loop for 15 rows.

    That should give you a fairly square mat. Adjust the number of rows to make it square.

    Best, Laura

    Comment by Laura Moncur — 9/25/2009 @ 9:25 am

  8. Hey..I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU for sharing this fun project and stitch! It’s wonderful when people are so willing to share. Have a wonderful day!

    Comment by Kagan — 8/18/2010 @ 10:51 am

  9. I have a coat hanger which has an unusual stitch in its make. Hard to describe it method however I have a photo of it.Having difficulty in working the stitch out.

    Anne ball

    Comment by anne ball — 4/4/2012 @ 6:19 pm

  10. I’ve been searching for a pattern to use my yarn leftovers. When you wrote that your bath mat became a doggie bed I just loved the idea, and my dog will appreciate it as well. She will sleep more comfy, that’s for sure! All the way from Mexico, thank you Laura for sharing.

    Comment by Maribel — 7/25/2013 @ 11:20 am

  11. Hi Laura, I just found your Bath Mat/Doggy Bed on Pinterest. I love it! I’ve been looking for bath mats to make and you mat looks like it will be nice and plush plus absorbent. I will be using the 2 strands of Peaches & Cream cotton yarn and a size L hook. (I got this info off of another bath mat and it’s great for absorbency.)

    If you are interested, here is a web site (also found on Pinterest) that has many unique crochet stitches…just click around on that site….I’m always amazed with what I’ve found here……. http://crochethub.com/2008/01/07/raised-stitch-with-crossed-trebles/

    Thank You so much for the pattern. You are a kind soul.

    Comment by Evelyn — 7/15/2014 @ 6:03 am

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