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I’m In San Francisco

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When Google Maps tells you that it will take 15 hours to drive to San Francisco, but your friends tell you it will only take about 12, believe your friends. I had planned on doing it in two days. I left yesterday, planning to sleep the night in Reno and drive the rest today. Instead, I found myself in Reno at about 1:30 pm with more than enough energy to get myself the rest of the way to my destination. I arrived a day early.

I just realized there’s no cliche for a day early. There’s “A day late and a dollar short,” but there’s no cliche for a day early…

Anyway, Kathleen and Lisa were gracious enough to let me stay a day early, so I took them out to eat at Massawa. I was ready to crash at a hotel if they weren’t ready for me, but they were more than welcoming and I crashed on their most excellent couch.

Right now, I’m tapping away on my laptop. I’m getting Internet access through my Treo 650. I was under the impression that the entire city of San Francisco was under a blanket of easily accessible wireless access, but all the wireless near me has a really low strength, so I’m just getting access through my phone. It’s better that way. Then I don’t feel guilty for stealing.

I’m going to go help the people set up for Vloggercon at the Swedish American Hall and then go to the party later in the day. I was planning on several hours of driving today, instead, I can lazily wake up and write an entry.


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