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RocketBoom Self-Implosion

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I just feel sick. My first instinct was that Amanda Congdon’s video announcing that she has been asked to leave RocketBoom was a publicity stunt. God, I wish it had been.

Click here to see the video

There has been a lot of infighting and speculation on the Yahoo Videoblogging Newsgroup:

At first, Andrew said that Amanda’s video was the first he had ever heard about it.

Then, a post was made on RocketBoom stating that Amanda was moving to L.A.

Then, Amanda refuted Andrew’s statement of surprise.

As of this point, Andrew says that Amanda’s For the Record entry is out of context and he’s going to bow out of the conversation.

Finally, Jason Calacanis offered Amanda a job at Netscape, saying that Andrew doesn’t know how to “keep the talent happy.”

This whole thing has become such a drama. Watching it from Utah, it seems like a junior high fight. It reminds me of the episode of The Office when Dwight goes to Jim to form “an alliance.” As far as I can tell, they both need to stand with their noses in the corner until they can play together nicely.

Worse still, I feel this overbearing guilt because I have been so jealous of RocketBoom and the attention it has gotten over the last few months. I know I don’t control the universe, but right now I worry that I inadvertently put a curse on Amanda. I feel like my jealousy somehow caused their self-implosion.

What a drama…


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