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Everything I Know About The Mormons I Learned From Wikipedia

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It’s not true. I’ve also heard rumors. Growing up in Salt Lake City helps, too. It used to be that whenever I told someone I was from SLC, they would ask if I was Mormon. I don’t get that as much now. I don’t know if they just assume I’m LDS or they no longer have any questions about the religion, but I’ve answered a lot fewer about the predominant religion over the last couple of years.

The most asked questions used to be:

  • Do you have more than one mom? Well, when my Dad divorced my mom, he remarried a lady, but I don’t really consider her my mom. Oh? You mean the polygamy thing. No, I’m not from a polygamist compound. I’m also not LDS. In fact, MOST people in Utah aren’t polygamists. The few who are keep to themselves.

  • What’s with the funny underwear? They’re called garments. You have to go through all these rituals in the temple to earn the right to wear them.

  • What do they do in the temple? I don’t know firsthand. I’ve heard stories from ex-Mormons about washing rituals and such. All of it sounds pretty boring, actually. Most people imagine ritual sacrifices or deviant sexual rites. I can safely tell you that they are NOT practicing either one of those. Sorry, real life is so boring compared to what our imaginations can dream up.

Now, the most asked question is:

  • Do you ski? Nope. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve never bothered to learn how to ski. I’m clumsy enough without purposely falling down hills with boards tied to my feet.

There is plenty of information about the LDS church and Mormons online. Wikipedia is actually very accurate. Here are some interesting entries that you might like to read:

The More Good Foundation also has a directory of LDS websites that you can peruse:

Ironically, living in Utah gives you a wealth of both good and bad information about the LDS church and its members. Growing up non-Mormon in Mormon Town was difficult for me, but I’ve come to terms with it. I actually like Salt Lake City despite the strong religious influence. I’m just not that good at fielding questions about it.



  1. I think Wikipedia has excellent articles on Mormonism. Besides explaining basic beliefs, it also has a respectful treatment of more esoteric doctrines, which one may not find on the Church website. It also addresses counter arguments, alternative viewpoints, and difficult points in history without hyperbole. I think it’s very balanced overall.

    There are other respectable sites on the esoteric topics you mentioned: polygamy, Mormon underwear, and Mormon temple ceremonies.

    I’ve always thought it would be difficult to grow up in Utah as a non-Mormon. Glad to see you’ve survived! I grew up in Las Vegas but I think you’ve got a cool city in SLC!

    Comment by Richard K Miller — 8/12/2006 @ 7:03 am

  2. I dated a mormon once, he wasn’t particularly observant. I loved the community feel his religion had and being a catholic at the time it was something our church didn’t seem to have. So I started a youth group, which is still going even though i’m not.

    love your blog.

    Comment by diaryofageneticdefect — 8/30/2006 @ 1:46 am

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