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CES Press Pass

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Last year, I sweated and agonized over whether I was going to get a press pass for CES. This year, I’ve already received my verification, months earlier than last year. Part of me is jumping for joy that it was so easy. The other part is worried that something MUST be horribly wrong and they didn’t really approve me. That side of me is sure that something will go wrong at the last minute.

I guess I won’t believe that I got the Press Pass until I receive it in the mail.

My badge holder and pass from last year’s CES is hanging on my desk at eye level. I hardly ever look at it anymore, but I used to look at it a lot. It made me feel like I was a “real” writer.

Now I feel like a real writer all the time.

I didn’t even realize I had changed my vision of myself until just now.


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