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Faith Envy and Milagro Crosses

Filed under: Philosophy — Laura Moncur @ 8:14 am

Faith Envy: yeah, I’ve felt that. It’s why I have a little Buddha and St. Jude on my desk.

I keep hoping some of that peace and calm will rub off on me. If only I could believe in that imaginary friend in the sky, maybe I would be able to relax and be safe in the knowledge that everything happens for a reason.

Instead, I collect religious artifacts, hoping they will transfer some of that devotion.

The latest?

I found this milagro cross in San Antonio. It was exactly what I was looking for…

My Milagro Cross

It took a lot of looking to find one that didn’t have a gun on it. I don’t know why people would need blessings for their guns, but I prefer this one. There are cats and stomachs and hearts and people and unborn fetuses. If only I could buy faith, life would be so much easier…


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