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Halloween Costumes: Get To The Thrift Store NOW!

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The easiest Halloween costume is something thrown together from the thrift store. If that is your plan for your costume this year, you need to get to the thrift store NOW! If you wait until two days before Halloween, you will be sorely disappointed because the thrift store will be a picked over shell of what it was earlier in the month.

Even the easiest thing in the world to find (like a suit coat that you don’t mind ripping, tearing and destroying) might be difficult to find in your size because the thrift stores sell a lot of their inventory in the month of October. Your plaid coat for your Used Car Salesman costume went out the door in the early days of October underneath the arm of someone who planned a little more than you did.

So, if you want an easy costume this year, you can do it. You just need to do it NOW instead of a couple days before Halloween. If you need some ideas for easy costumes ideas, here are some links:

All of these sites are desperately in need of pictures to augment their descriptions. It’s a lot easier to see the costume with a picture. Here is a group of pictures of costumes, but they’re not all homemade. It’s great for some ideas, though.

The funnest part of Halloween is that for one day, you can be whatever you ever wanted to be. If you want to be scary, powerful, sexy or funny, you get to choose. That’s the truth every day of the year, but we tend to forget that. With Halloween, we get to remember what it is we want to be.


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  1. One my best costumes was my schoolgirl outfit from a few years ago. Snagged an awesome wool kilt (blackwatch) and a plain white button-down shirt. Whole outfit cost $20. I’m actually wearing the kilt in this picture (http://picasaweb.google.com/ehnotsomuch42/ThroughThickAndThin/photo#4941401286595248146). It can be very respectable when properly accessorized, and I get a good giggle every time I think about the first time I wore it.

    Comment by Eh... not so much — 10/3/2006 @ 7:14 am

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