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Unfinished Business

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The renovation of the Answerfone building has been going on since last spring. I love the building and when it was for sale, Mike and I were attracted to the price. An office building with an upstairs apartment for $170,000 is unheard of in Salt Lake. Whatever problems it might have had must have been phenomenal.

They were.

We grieved when it sold, but not for long. Soon we watched as the new owner started work. Major foundation shoring was first on the bill. That alone was more than Mike and I could have done on our own. We would have been stymied at the first step. We thanked our lucky stars that we were too poor to buy it and watched as the renovation crept along.

Months later, it’s still waiting for the final touches. Someone is living in the upstairs apartment, though. Rumor around the neighborhood is that it’s a former band member of Train. Drops of Jupiter runs through my mind every time I walk past.


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