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Cleaning up the Queue: Buncha Links

Filed under: General — Laura Moncur @ 12:35 pm

Here is a bunch of links to things that I think are cool. None of them are enough to write an entire entry about, but they are too cool to just delete, so here they are:

Here is a YouTube video of cool patterns on a speaker when certain tones are played and links to all the mathematics that deal with predicting the patterns:

Room inside a room. Looks like a good hiding place for me:

Cool collage images in Flicker. They are open for use:

How to make homemade marshmallows. I wanted to do this for Christmas, but there was already so many sweets around that I didn’t even think of hot chocolate:

This looked important to me and I thought I would read it later. Still haven’t read it:

Kottke linked to this and it looked like something I’d want to do, but still haven’t bothered…

Cory Doctorow has a new book out and I want to read it, but still haven’t even bothered to download it:

These photos are beautiful and I thought that I might someday want to look at them again:

Here was a place to download some cool Christmas music, but now the season has passed and I don’t care anymore…

It feels good to see a nearly empty queue. There is one entry in it named, “Lesson #1: You Can’t Delete Something From The Internet.” I haven’t decided whether I should post it, because, you know, you can’t delete something from the Internet. It’s always a good idea to just save your post as a draft when you’re really angry. The problem is, I’m still pretty angry…


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