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Cleaning Up The Queue: Writing Outside

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I wrote this entry back in the hot days of last summer. I was having trouble with my computer because of the heat and it refused to type well. I hurriedly saved this entry and took my poor overheating laptop out of the sun. Try to figure out what is going on in the last three sentences. I assure you, they are real sentences, but my computer had one small little problem…

I’ve been working outside for the last couple of days. The laptop that usually accompanies me on trips and provides a slice of home in the hotel is being used on the patio table under the shade of the dark green umbrella. The heat from the sun makes my little computer smll nw again. Unfortunatly, th ‘s ar missing from vrything I’m typing. Non of th othr lttrs sm to b affctd, but is a prtty important lttr.


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