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Twitter Log: 03-12-07 7:59 am

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Twitter has been really useful to use during the conference. At one point, Mike said, “How did you know George was at the Legos?” I held up my phone.

Last night, Twitter won an award. I’m glad they have success, but I suspect that means that Twitter is going to be flipped and I’ll lose all my data. Still transferring my logs here:

  • Bladder woke me up, but headache kept me up. How come I have a hangover? I didn’t DRINK anything! 3 minutes ago from web

  • I’m taking out my contacts and going to bed. Hey kids, drink lots of water and be careful where you sleep tonight. about 9 hours ago from web

  • Flickr link didn’t work, how about this one… Pick Me! ยป Geeks Gone Wild Autograph Book about 10 hours ago from web

  • Posting a picture from my Geeks Gone Wild Autograph book on Flickr: Geeks Gone Wild Autograph Book on Flickr – Photo Sharing! about 10 hours ago from web

  • Finished with our quiet dinner. I need to send Betsy Devine an email thanking her for everything she has ever done for me. about 11 hours ago from web

  • Need quiet time before the web awards? We are having a quiet dinner at the Hilton at Liberty Tavern. It’s downstairs. Come join us! about 14 hours ago from web

  • Jeremy Hogan just made this whole panel WORTH it! about 15 hours ago from web Iconstarempty Icon_trash The skinnycorp people AREN’T at the People-Powered Products. about 15 hours ago from web

  • Waiting for the People-Powered Products panel to start. I’m tuckered out and I didn’t even go to the parties last night. about 15 hours ago from web

  • I’m in the ValleySpeak for the Rest of Us panel. AWESOME! Sometimes I feel isolated because we live in Utah… about 16 hours ago from web

  • In the Spam of All Kinds: Dealing with Online Abuse panel. Looks like it’s going to be good. about 16 hours ago from web

  • MarioKart was awesome! Now, getting a signature on Brendan Dawes’ book! about 17 hours ago from web

  • Missed Limor’s keynote because they put it at the Hilton about 17 hours ago from web

  • Heading to the Legos to play some MarioKart DS! about 19 hours ago from im

  • I’m front and center at the Making Your Short Attention-Span Pay Big Dividends panel. about 20 hours ago from web

  • Almost ready to head to the Convention Center. Going to the Every Breath You Take panel at 10am. about 23 hours ago from im

  • Using Chatopus to Titter with my Treo. Does it work? 06:47 AM March 11, 2007 from im


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