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Twitter Log: 03-13-07 8:10 pm

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My Internet connectivity was so patchy today that I hardly Twittered at all. Plus, I was so angry at the Frag Dolls that I couldn’t say anything. I am STILL too angry to talk about it.

  • @ allaboutgeorge: Bye bye, my friend. about 3 hours ago from im

  • @ libel vox I’m REALLY so angry that I can’t talk about it. about 3 hours ago from web

  • @ libel vox I’m so bloody angry right now that I can’t speak. about 4 hours ago from web

  • Girl Gamers are all Frag Dolls… Bugger, I thought this might be interesting, not hypersexualize girls… about 4 hours ago from web

  • Waiting at the Pervasive Electronic Games panel. Bruce is front and center. Too shy to say hi. What’s the matter with me?! about 10 hours ago from web

  • There is power by the Legos! http://blog.brian-fitzgeral… about 12 hours ago from web

  • Answering email, adding up the mileage for Race Across the USA. How come I still have to work when I’m out of town? about 13 hours ago from web

  • Retreat to the room to avoid the shreiking of five children at the pool. It was so peaceful before. about 23 hours ago from web

  • Watched the bats on Congress Ave. Now, computing with the free wi-fi at the Radisson pool. Enjoying the outside weather. about 24 hours ago from web

  • Quiet dinner at Liberty Tavern in the basement of the Hilton. You are invited to join us. We’ll save a seat for you! 05:12 PM March 12, 2007 from txt

  • I’m watching the panel, IM with Matt, email with sister AND twittering. What is attention? 04:53 PM March 12, 2007 from im

  • SRO at the Online Games panel. 04:51 PM March 12, 2007 from im

  • Joi Ito: “Finally you Americans can find out that your phones can do more than conference calls.” 04:46 PM March 12, 2007 from im

  • Joi Ito: “I knew it was going to be like this, so I asked someone who was not a spaz to speak.” 04:35 PM March 12, 2007 from im

  • Waiting for the Online Games panel. Sitting in the back by the electrical plugs so that I can stay online. Can’t see as well, though. 03:49 PM March 12, 2007 from web

  • In the Alternadad panel. Neal: “Every year I do these panels and every year I fuck it up in a different way.” 03:26 PM March 12, 2007 from txt

  • Waiting for the When Communities Attack panel. I have enough battery to last the rest of the day if I go offline… 02:15 PM March 12, 2007 from web

  • Writing for the Next Generation of Games panel is in a big argument of the title of “Writer” Vs. “Narrative Designer.” 01:41 PM March 12, 2007 from web

  • Waiting by the Legos for the MarioKart DS Players! Bring me a Diet Coke and I’ll pay ya back! 11:40 AM March 12, 2007 from web

  • I’m on the front row of Gamer Games. Hope they have something good! 10:19 AM March 12, 2007 from web

  • All the girls finally showed up in the Gaming For Girls panel. 09:24 AM March 12, 2007 from web

  • The moderator put up her slide and a couple of guys left. I think all the pink warned them that they might be in the wrong panel… 09:01 AM March 12, 2007 from web

  • I’m at the Getting Girls into Games. Aside from the panelists and the SXSW volunteers, I’m the only girl in the room. 08:53 AM March 12, 2007 from web


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