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Twitter Log: 03-15-07 11:53 am

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My twittering was slow yesterday because I was busy flying home. No excuse today, though…

  • Yet ANOTHER SF DVD order came in overnight and I was able to beat the mailman getting it out! Yeah! Back to work! about 3 hours ago from web

  • Just sent out more Starling Fitness DVDs. The orders came in while I was in Texas. Time to sleep now…zzz about 13 hours ago from web

  • Just touched down in SLC. Great to be home! Where’s the restroom? about 16 hours ago from web I

  • I’m in Denver. Strapped on my Nike+ and walked over a mile in the airport. about 19 hours ago from txt

  • Boarding my flight to Denver. about 22 hours ago from txt

  • Waiting for my flight. Despite the fog they say there are no delays. about 22 hours ago from txt

  • Sharing a cab to the airport with an articulate tenant representative. 11:14 AM March 14, 2007 from txt

  • Awake in the hotel room. My flight home leaves at 3pm. Getting some work done beforehand. 07:17 AM March 14, 2007 from web

  • SXSW was fun, but now I’m taking everyone but my SLC family off my Twitter list. Sorry, but I’m too full to Twitter with everyone all year. 07:48 PM March 13, 2007 from web


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