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Twitter Log: 03-18-07 2:19 pm

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Still logging my Twitter entries. They seem to make less sense when I can’t see what other people wrote…

  • @ libel vox: I wouldn’t order any of them, but I was raised in UT.

  • Just convinced Mike to go with me to Red Butte Gardens. 30 minutes ago from txt

  • @ ponzarelli Reasons #1 and 2 why I went with the Acer PC laptop instead of Mac. Reason #3 was the $800 price difference. about 1 hour ago from txt in reply to ponzarelli

  • @ Cinegage In Utah, coffee on Sunday is a dirty word. about 1 hour ago from txt in reply to Cinegage

  • Writing in my journal. about 1 hour ago from txt

  • Hey everbody! It’s the Fishing Tourney! about 2 hours ago from txt

  • Gonna buy some turnips from Joan before she leaves town. about 3 hours ago from web

  • Tried Second Life. Changed my clothes, walked around, wondered what the fuss is about… about 4 hours ago from web

  • Just finished bingeing on Retro Sesame Street on YouTube. Couldn’t find the “walking backwards through your mind” one, though. about 5 hours ago from web

  • Just finished 18 holes of Tiger Woods 07 for the Wii. First golf game ever (besides Super Monkey Ball Golf * doesn’t count). Bedtime… about 16 hours ago from web

  • Guitar Hero II with Dan & Stacey. They’re ordering the more expensive Sony from Amazon. CompUSA lost the sale… about 18 hours ago from txt

  • The search for the perfect camera has turned sour at CompUSA. Poor user interface coupled with even worse customer service. Time for dinner. about 20 hours ago from txt

  • Pasta dinner and camera shopping with my sister. I needed the pasta and she needed the camera. about 21 hours ago from txt

  • Detour tour to Liberty Heights for some snooty food. about 23 hours ago from txt

  • Made it to Park City. Who let all these tourists in? Heading home, I guess… 02:15 PM March 17, 2007 from txt

  • Found the laser tag place. Who let all these kids in? Rescheduled for a weekday. Headed to Park City instead. 01:57 PM March 17, 2007 from txt

  • Trying to get to the laser tag place. We can see it from the freeway, but getting there has proven difficult. 12:49 PM March 17, 2007 from txt

  • Reading the quotation forums. Lots of interesting talk there! Only had to delete one porn spam! Good day! 10:07 AM March 17, 2007 from txt

  • Just added up the Race Across the USA mileage. We’ve passed Omaha, Nebraska and we’re on our way to Chicago! 08:59 AM March 17, 2007 from web

  • Writing blog entries. 08:29 AM March 17, 2007 from web


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