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Why Twitter Is Appealing… to some

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I haven’t been able to fully articulate why I like Twitter so much, but this article from The Globe and Mail was pretty close.

Tara also has a brilliant piece on why Twitter may help historians piece together our lives in this century:

It seems that only a few people really enjoy Twitter, but the ones that do REALLY do. Short Twitter Log yesterday.

Twitter Log: 03-19-07 9:32 am

  • Ate a PB&J sandwich for breakfast. Sent out another Starling Fitness DVD order. Answering email. 11 minutes ago from web

  • @ ThomAllen White Teeth by Zadie Smith about 13 hours ago from web in reply to ThomAllen

  • Adding people to the Starling Fitness Weekly Challenges. about 13 hours ago from web

  • Finished with the garden walk. Dinner at Cafe Med. I can’t tell if our server is male or female and wondering why it would matter. about 17 hours ago from txt


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