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Twitter Log: 2007-03-28

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  • Spring cleaning at 9:39 pm. I wonder if we’ll bother the neighbors. #
  • I’m up after a night of spring cleaning. Still allergic to the dust and I can’t buy Sudafed anymore. That Sudafed PE stuff just isn’t workin #
  • I love kottke! He has a link to a horror film with William Fing Shatner that is entirely in Esperanto! http://www.kottke.org/remainder/07/03 #
  • Here’s a better link: http://www.kottke.org/remainder/07/03/13097.html #
  • Step away from the computer, maam… #
  • Playing some Guitar Hero all by myself. Mike usually gets us through the hard songs, but I’m going to have a career that’s just me… #
  • Back to the computer. #
  • @ newspapergrl There is no safety for any of us. The sooner we realize that, the less problems we’ll have. #
  • Back to Guitar Hero. I know I should be working, but playing is more fun! #
  • Just finished exercising. Still playing Animal Crossing, though. Just can’t stop selling fruit to Nook! #
  • The weekly United Way meeting is filling our street with cars. I wonder what they meet about at that building… #

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